Mine Heart Tends to Thee

Sincerely I tell thee beloveds... she or he who takes their dominion over selfishness and self-centeredness through adherence with the Primordial Spirit .. they... do then rule their own lesser selfhood. They do conquer the world, and in their conquering they arise into the Kingdom of all goodness, truth, and beauty.

They are then greater than any of the kings and queens throughout the millenniums. They are then greater and stronger and more worthy than even the battle-worn conquerors of olden yore. The wealthy financiers of all time, and the gurus and saints of ancient tales.

Sovereign Actualization and the becoming self-mastered over all things within thine personal domain is the measure of the individual's moral nature, their upreaching character and ethic, and this is the indicator of his spirit development and advancements with the Primordial Power of Love.
With the olden ways of the civilization, you abstain from foods and drinks and all those sorts of endeavors which hold you into the separation from truth and reality. In the olden ways you prayed and asked and often begged for forgiveness; yet, within our new and upreaching order that I give to you during my ministry bestowal today, you are to come forth as a new creature of ascending and aspiring tendencies and understandings. You are to become in tune with the Father's Primordial Life within thine own soul and mind. You are to walk into the rebirthing of thine spiritualized consciousness.

In My Father’s Kingdom wherein He maintains His Sovereignty and Supremacy over all .. you are to become new creatures embarking upon the voyage of eternity wherein ye shall become established in a new order of being; an order that possesses eternal capacities and everlasting capabilities. The old and ill-illuminated approaches to freedom and truth and love are yet passing away as the civilization outgrows these lesser avenues of approach.

Behold thou beloveds of Mine Heart .. I show you the way to become anew through mine precepts which awaken thee into sovereignty within the Father's Kingdom of Love. I show thee mine way of forgiveness and mercy. I reveal unto each one through their receptivity to My Spirit of Truth .. my way .. the ways of the Sons of Paradise .. to renew thine mind and thine selfhood into the long-awaited godhood.

I reveal to those who have made themselves worthy by purification and cleansing .. how all things are to become new for those who seek the purpose and path, the plan and power shall become gently and subtly revealed to those who have found their humility beyond the borders of self-centered conceit and selfish definitions.

For truly beloveds of this Orb .. walk within the stations of the illuminated cross of His remembrance by carrying thine errors and unclean portions of consciousness into the Fatherhood of God, and then, be of good cheer in thine service to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humanity; for it is through thine own diligence, dedication, and devotional deliverance of faith trust vision that ye shall enter into the Kingdom of His Righteousness and Honor.

By thine unconditional love and acceptance through tolerance and receptivity shall you learn to love one another in good faith and hope in your transfiguration into resurrection and reunion with the Paradise Bestowal Spirit. By your love for each and another are you to overshadow the worldly ways which had at one time in your past enslaved and redirected erroneously your enamorements away from the Source of thine being and the Creator of thine existence.

Michael Of Nebadon


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