Blessed are the Honorable who Aspire for Truth

Thou beloveds of My One Heart...
The Source is the Father Mother Parent of all, and in this our universe I am given the responsibilities to usher thee into the One Fold of Consciousness.

To walk with Me into the Kingdom of the One God is to cultivate the belief in thine sonship and daughtership divine. Believe in the relationship that you have with the Father Mother Source .. the daily and moment to moment recognition of the truth that you are each his son and daughter.

Mine bestowal at this current time is intent upon making this one premise clear to you who have the mind ready to participate. I am here among you in the flesh to make clear the premise of thine relationship with the Source and the precepts of gaining this attaining spiritual communion and eternal relationship which shall renew thine mind and soul into eternal association together with Me.

When you who are my children attain to this relationship of conscious communion and association .. becoming self-conscious of the security and stability and self-assurance of the bestowal of the divine presence in you, thine visionary faith trust shall deepen and expand.

Thine mind shall become receptive and holy towards this reciprocal communion of hearts and minds into the One God. Such faith of which I am calling you forth to prosper within .. this will expand the mind and make ready thine personality soul for progress.

Thine character shall become ennobled, thine achievement in the soul shall flourish within thee. A great and mighty inner strength shall encircuit the personality. Only through giving thyself to the divine radiation of wholeness and completeness in this relationship of sonship and daughtership shall you expand thine happiness and wholeness, building a new and renewed momentum as you wash away all misqualities and the errors of thine miscreation.

Thine directly awakened intuition shall begin anew and this new sight and upheld vision shall become for you a direct and divine perception and spirit insight which blends all throughout thine being.

Thine consciousness shall deepen; for ye are not intended to remain only on the surface of thine being within the bodily sense and outer relationship, but you have been created to walk upheld in awareness and honor, dignity and determination, striving upwards and inwards for that satisfactory actualization which brings you into Our fold, our greener pastures of everlasting upkeep.

Thine spirit perception and divine insight, thine superintuitive awareness of visioning through faith and trust the imminency of God's Presence in your life , which is your Life.

All of these attainments are actual spirit attainments and achievements which are eternal in your being .. these do remain with thee throughout all time and space sending you into the greater attainments and visionary ideal.

These unfoldments shall mature the Power of Love within thee, and enhance thine capacity to receive more of thine nature and deeper identification with God. Ye are meant to hold the capability to love unconditionally and independently of all outer circumstances and environments. 

I have come once again into the pastures of the earth world to penetrate thee, to grow thine spirit given enhancements of character and consciousness, and to recreate in you through Mine Comforter guidance directly surrounding you .. a new spirit, a new and awakened authority of will; to offer you in your cooperative allegiance to the Father Mother God an altogether new capability for knowing truth, revealing to thyself compassion and understanding, consideration and contemplation, profound new choice capacity to decide for thine existence greater virtues and values which shall elevate thine awareness into Mine verities .. Mine truths on all levels of thy being. Beauty shall emerge in you and truth shall inundate thine consciousness, goodness shall become, then, the preeminent sight which cleanses all lesser visions and reconstitutes the Perfected Pattern of the Paradise Source and Core — a perfect pattern that takes you into fulfillment of law and the living of will in a greater capacity than ever before.

This returning of thine will into collaboration and consistency, cooperation and concentration, consideration and consecration with the Spirit of thine Bestowal shall unify your efforts into creating harmony with God’s will, combined with the ever-potent impulse to bring this perfection into and through thine humanity. For it is the great design and intent .. the plan of the universes that y shall become thou perfect in the sight of the Father Mother God .. even as the Father Mother Parent in the supremacy of the heavens is perfect.

...and ye shall accomplish this great adventure and divine feat through thine consternation and continued coherence with the Spirit of Truth that I offer to thee as Mine guidance and teaching, and your allegiance to the Paradise Bestowal Spirit of thine endowments.

Michael Of Nebadon


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