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Mine Heart Tends to Thee

Sincerely I tell thee beloveds... she or he who takes their dominion over selfishness and self-centeredness through adherence with the Primordial Spirit .. they... do then rule their own lesser selfhood. They do conquer the world, and in their conquering they arise into the Kingdom of all goodness, truth, and beauty.

They are then greater than any of the kings and queens throughout the millenniums. They are then greater and stronger and more worthy than even the battle-worn conquerors of olden yore. The wealthy financiers of all time, and the gurus and saints of ancient tales.

Sovereign Actualization and the becoming self-mastered over all things within thine personal domain is the measure of the individual's moral nature, their upreaching character and ethic, and this is the indicator of his spirit development and advancements with the Primordial Power of Love.
With the olden ways of the civilization, you abstain from foods and drinks and all those sorts of endeavors which h…

Blessed are the Honorable who Aspire for Truth

Thou beloveds of My One Heart...
The Source is the Father Mother Parent of all, and in this our universe I am given the responsibilities to usher thee into the One Fold of Consciousness.

To walk with Me into the Kingdom of the One God is to cultivate the belief in thine sonship and daughtership divine. Believe in the relationship that you have with the Father Mother Source .. the daily and moment to moment recognition of the truth that you are each his son and daughter.

Mine bestowal at this current time is intent upon making this one premise clear to you who have the mind ready to participate. I am here among you in the flesh to make clear the premise of thine relationship with the Source and the precepts of gaining this attaining spiritual communion and eternal relationship which shall renew thine mind and soul into eternal association together with Me.

When you who are my children attain to this relationship of conscious communion and association .. becoming self-conscious of the sec…

Thine Ephemeral Nature

Thou Living Ocean of Infinite Mercy .. Unending Intelligence .. thou All-permeating and All-perfecting Primordial Consciousness of the Being looking out from behind the eyes of all beings and creatures .. all animals and elementals .. all sentient and insentient Life which has birthed itself out of thine Substance and into formed expression..

We breathe into our personal field thine Universal Field of Consciousness which is our being .. this great and All-perfecting Christos Universalis I AM.

All divinely existing attributes come out of this One Consciousness of Thee. And yet to remember that even this One Universal Omnipresent Omnipotence that we are has come forth out of the Infinite Persons of the Triune God.

I stretch my mind into the vaster Mind. I breathe into my field the Primordial Substance of our existence. I chant with determination and righteous desire for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation .. the Sacred Fire of the Universe Mother Spirit to come and enter into …

Undifferentiated Mindfulness and Bliss

Living in and as the effects of thine misqualifications, beloveds, you are prone to suffer because you were never designed to become the slave to your own misqualifications and effects but you were originally created to master all effects and errors in your journey towards establishing thyself in His stability and security; for it is only as we live in the Cause of our being that we are aligned and in a cooperative collaboration with the Universal Father Source .. and this alignment brings with it bliss and joy, happiness in the doing of His will and the furthering of His Kingdom of Sovereignty and Divine Undifferentiated Supremacy.

Learn to live in His/her unconditional awareness by bringing this consciousness down and into and throughout thine human density and frailties. Extinguish all obstructions to His Kingdom of Light; for it is the ever-advancing infinite power that wishes to expand and fill full every corpuscle of interstellar space .. every individual personality .. every kin…