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Pray Unceasingly in Actualizing thine Potentialities

“Give thine prayer not for the things of this world. Thine Father already knows what ye may desire, and even more so, what ye will need to fulfill his glory and will, his plan of perfection...
“Instead, pray for understanding of his way, his approach unto himself, beloveds. Pray for the erasure of your own self-created miseries and misunderstandings that you have perpetrated upon yourself over the lifetimes of experience and evolution. “Pray, that you align with him in all ways, that you learn to become intimately encircuited in His Endowment, that you find the courage and wit to surrender what is unreal by embracing eternity in each daily application of these precepts of Paradise Trinity, and to sacrifice the lesser self for the greater wholeness and healing. “Pray, that you discover the strength and fortitude to grow thine character into his cooperative attitudes and understandings. That you build eternal association with Us … the Mother and I; for all is given to you for your progress…

Universal Citizenship

Our Universe Mother brings to life the minds and hearts of all creatures by tutoring each individual mind in the beatitudes - those values and virtues which fertilize and prepare the mind for receptivity of My Spirit of Truth and for the Father's Bestowal Spirit which cometh soon thereafter. These ongoing efforts of the Mother Divine and Her Spirit Virtues encircuiting each mind into the higher Circuits of Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Omnipresent Circuits of the Infinite Persons of Existence .. this encircuitry develops in the individual the values of the soul, and it is the soul which blossoms and allows the survival of personality .. of personhood.
The true avenues into thine godhood are to be cultivated by the mind and wrapped within the higher feelings of the heart. In this way we broaden our horizons of consciousness, and we enhance those core eternal values and everlasting virtues which lead the individual into the Second Birth into universal citizenship.

~Michael Of Neba…

Bienaventurados de Micael

Algunas pocas Beatitudes entregadas a nosotros por Micael son:

Las beatitudes son dadas por Cristo Micael para guiar y hacer crecer la mente y el alma hacia lo alto en una más completa cooperación y colaboración con las perspectivas de nuestro Universo… los puntos de vista y los valores más elevados de la Eternidad. Esto realza el desarrollo del alma y la personalidad, la mente y el cuerpo para cooperar y colaborar con la administración del Planeta – la Administración Celestial Planetaria.


Bienaventurados son aquellos pobres de Espíritu… porque en su sed por la felicidad y la armonía… ellos implorarán con hambre la emancipación… la liberación… y la redención.

Bienaventurados son aquellos que fallaron en el mundo… porque el Espíritu del Padre ha cerrado las puertas externas solamente para abrir de par en par las puertas interiores de Su Reino y Consciencia.

Bienaventurados son los mansos que se han rendido al conocer, que ellos por sí mismos, en su humanidad, no pueden hacer nada… …

Deity Absolute

Our Universal Virtues build a long-lasting righteousness and respect for every Individualization of the Source.

Cultivating our virtues such as courage and consideration .. understanding and knowledge .. wisdom and worship .. selflessness and service .. these are yet a few of our Universe Virtues establishing right and higher Values. Values create cooperation and collaboration with Us. Values that are eternally designed grow character and unfold consciousness. Values fertilize the soil of the heart and mind in the personalities of our Universe. Values .. Virtues .. Open the reception towards Everlasting Verities .. the Absolute Truths .. the Great Laws which turn each planetary orb perfectly upon their axis while hanging uninterrupted in outer space.

The Verities allow a concentration and consecration .. while maturing mind into higher considerations and meanings .. purposes eternal and progressively advanced. The Verities create .. living in the Verities .. creates your Validatio…

Spiritual Securitization Establishes thine Pure Love and Empowerment

The atonement brings stabilization and a securitization. The atonement is thine entrance into the Father’s Kingdom. This same unfolding atonement is taking place for the individual .. the solar galactic systems .. and our universe. We are working with all the neighboring universes to raise the frequencies of all into the perfected pattern of the Infinite.

A change in mind and growth in thy character. These are your personal work with the Universe Mother Spirit. She has been guiding you from your beginnings just as a Mother of the earth would do. Next comes an understanding of the Spirit Circuits of the Universes. This I have called Paradise Trinity Endowment. These are the avenues which have been extending throughout creation of the Personality Circuits of the Infinite. A fragment of the First Source is living within your own mind.

The Second Source is omnipresent and draws all of the life gradually upward. This Second Source also has Its derivatives .. an aspect of the First and Second…

The Stations of the Illuminated Cross of His Remembrance

The avenues of creature approach to the One Causeless Cause and Absolute Omnipotent One .. is already paved in righteousness and recognition .. remembrance and realization .. redefinition and redemption .. relationship and revelation.

These R's are some of the fifteen stations that every disciple of the First Creative Center and Source must walk in carrying their misqualifications into the illuminated cross of his remembrance.

Each individual is their own shepherd in carrying and directing and offering their lower illusory nature upon the illuminated cross which is their surrendering into the vertical cross of the Fatherhood of God and the horizontal cross of the Brotherhood of Humanity.

Michael of Nebadon

Galilean Times Once Again

"Mine return and present day bestowal into the fold of humanity is revealed only unto those with a childlike faith, awe inspiring trust, and a pure dedicated devotion .. unwilling to become swayed by worldly opinions and the dearth of human misinterpretation and misunderstandings. 

"Mine present day return is bringing clarification on My teachings of Galilean times, and an unending joy and personal soul renewal to those seekers and aspirants with the receptivity for redemption and regeneration.

"Through the Spiritual Eye of thine Faith and Trust shall ye recognize Me here and now; for the bestowed Spirit of the Father shall reveal mine return just as I AM.

"I come forth once again unto the fold of humanity to teach ye of the path of illumination through the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation and the expansion of the Flame of God presiding in thy midst; for in this way, the mortal shall place upon itself immortality.

"…It is the pathway for those with the coura…

The Great Protective Barrier Reef of God's Love

Humanity is now undergoing the great return; the race is beginning to undergo the end of the cycle wherein they shall not be able to continue creating darkness nor misunderstood and erroneous ideas.

Ye are being taken into the purification of the long drawn out cycle which has brought human life to the point wherein no evolutionary attainments are possible because humans have used up their free will choices.

This is the greater protective barrier reef .. ye may say .. which will not allow the civilization and the ten billion lifestreams evolving on this planetary orb to go on and miscreate endlessly.

We are here with you and Our Grace is being extended to all who can receive.

Michael of Nebadon