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Expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty

John asked Michael, “Master, what is the Kingdom of Heaven?”
And Michael responded saying: “The Kingdom of His Sovereignty is comprised in these three virtues: first, ye must hold recognition of the fact of the Sovereignty of the Paradise Father; second, ye must believe in the validity and truth of thine Sonship with the One Father Principle and Infinite Divine Personality; and lastly, ye must hold that dedicated and devoted faith trust in the efficacy of the supreme human desire to do the will of the Father — to be as God Is.
And this is the glory of thine Inheritance in Him; through this Living Ideal and Everlasting Gospel: that by faith every mortal being may enter into His Eternal Embrace in order to attain the threefold initiation into His Light Eternal; to enter the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of His Supremacy upon the Royal Road of the Immortal Ones.
Our association and divine fellowship is dedicated to this very Precept of Paradise; to become perfected, even…

Our Primordial Sonship of Love

Contemplation upon the Core Intelligence and divine Creative Impulse living within us brings about a transformation untold.

Love the Life that I AM with the Father Presence in thee. Contemplation and cooperation with Us shall allow the expansion of all our divinely originated virtues .. and eternally held values, My beloveds.

Concentration upon and with thine Spirit of Bestowal Life is akin to a magnifying glass held directly under the sun .. its positioning alignment allows the natural rays of that sun to beam through and blaze itself upon thine chosen object of magnification. The same maneuver holds true for thy relationship and remembrance and recognition of the Sonship which has Its Sun Presence within each human mind and soul with moral possibilities of choice.

The Sonship of the Living Christ is Knowledge and experience direct of the Primordial Consciousness of the Immaculate Conception. It is beyond human subjectivity and opinions cannot enter into His Kingdom. For this very r…

Thine own Son of God shall Blossom Always

I say unto thee with the heart willing to surrender and the mind wanting to sacrifice all things created by thine imperfect mind... to become actualized into the Christhood of the Universes .. ye are required to give it thine all.

It is to desire with all thine mind and heart and body to dissolve the lesser frequencies of the son of man, so that the Son of God may manifest Himself as thine very Selfhood. Ye must righteously apply thine power of Invocation to amplify and make real the Christ Supremacy I AM within thine consciousness. No longer shall ye have the privilege of identifying loyalty to the human bodily nature, but ye must take that greater leap in faith to know even under blindedness which the human mind seeks to perpetuate in all humans .. that God is One Power and Presence everywhere .. even as thine very Godhood. Negotiate not with thine lesser illusory nature and those lesser impulses which would seek to have you do the will of the body. Become thou in good faith and the …

Worshipful Invocation Power

The great God Force and His Intelligence lives in us .. as our fullest Selfhood .. and lives all around us as the All-Perfecting Primordial Fire of Love. His Personal Presence exists at the Head of existence .. at the Central Core of what we may call Paradise.

His Ever-Presence is the very Kingdom that each must invite through the righteousness of their free will choice and the daily decisions of their Powers of Invocation. The Father’s Kingdom is neither male nor female .. but transcendent of all gender and dualistic human concepts. In fact .. all human thinking and human mortal ideas simply burn up immediately in His All-Pervading and All-Permeating Presence. They dissolve in His Omnipotent Omnipresence as if they never existed.

Only His Absolute Purity and Immaculate Immortality can exist in His Kingdom of Consciousness. Only that which He creates is real and everlasting. Hence .. in knowing the real from the appearance of the unreal .. ye are instantly wiser in the righteous use…

Forgiveness and Grace Cometh

Forgiveness is to fulfill the great law of sowing and reaping. As ye have sown into the tapestry of thine soul field with the instruments of thought and feeling and focused attention .. so shall ye reap thine sowings. Forgiveness is the receiving back unconditionally thine own vibratory activity of what ye have imposed upon the Immaculate Conception of thine Force of Life. Forgiveness is the accountability for all that ye have qualified with your thoughts and feelings. Forgiveness occurs only as you halt all your projections and perceptions .. in order that ye come out of thine subjective dream and into Pure Absolute Knowledge of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy. Christ Michael

Humanity .. Oh that Humanity of Mine Being

Humanity has its challenges ahead. Thine race and civilization simply cannot resolve its problems from the perspectives it holds, the understandings it attempts to outplay.

All that has not been hand-crafted .. created by the Eternal Father .. shall become antiquated and futility will set in. Thine economic and political systems are all backward and corrupt. Thine religions make a mockery out of the pure and simple generosity and love of the Father Universal.

Be ahead of the 'curve' of stagnant humanity. Enter into our eternal fellowship together and I shall lift you into the realms of greater evolutionary perfection and purity; for I am the One given Life by which I extend this Life to each of you .. to each of thine kingdoms of life living and growing within the orb of the planetary civilization.

I am the giver of thine Life and Existence through the Father Source Son and Spirit. It is mine own responsibility to nurture and foster the Life which belongs to the Father Source and…

His Gentle Sweetness Shall Disencumber Thee

Attempt not to negotiate with an evil mind that is intent upon its overly subjective perspectives; for ye shall end up feeding to it the pure Life of the Father residing in you .. growing that evil with the goodness and beauty of thine own attainments.

Allow all the variations of all peoples and every point of view to exist exactly as it determines itself to be. Allow each to come to their own conclusions .. bitter or sweet may they be.

Wrestle not with those who are convinced of their own malaise and misunderstood perspectives. Feed not thine good fortunes of the Father's grace into the darkness .. lest you grow that darkness by making it real with thine acceptance and adorations.

I come to do the bidding of the Infinite Persons of the Paradise Trinity. Only those who have the requisite faith and trust and purity as a child shall gravitate to mine person at this time.

Meanwhile .. make good and righteous use of mine precepts by which ye shall carry thyself into the arms of the …

The Infinite Force of the Universal Father Son Spirit

It is My hope and desire that each of you .. take the reins of your Spirit Endowment of Consciousness and give yourself to the raising of your mortal frame into the immortal and ascended order of being.

To manifest the Majesty of Love all throughout your sphere of influence .. your human.

As you each make the required effort .. then humanity may follow suit... once they see your changes. You must be the wayshower in your sphere of influence with all others.

In this way.. I work together with you .. as One Heart and One Mind .. One Living Impulse.

Most of humanity is caught within the density of their own creating .. and so .. they have already mostly used up their free will to erroneously create a materialization in their consciousness rather than a spiritualization.

That materializing influence erroneously manufactured by human beings .. causes tremendous lethargy and an opposing momentum which cannot be changed by the person without Our help. You .. each one of you blessed ones .. …

Thy Kingdom Inheritance is Overflowing

The Kingdom of Heaven .. it's entrance .. begins gently and peacefully with a change in the ways that you image thyself .. the ways you perceive thyself determine how ye shall perceive all others.

The Kingdom of Heaven cometh through right perception of mind and righteousness of thine character. These are the fertile powers that elevate and emancipate thine human mortal thinking mind into the One Mind that knows itself directly .. absolutely .. and resides beyond the unstable projections of relativity and the deathly opposites.

Awaken thou .. beloveds of Mind One Heart and Mind. Ye are worthy to enter into Our mutuality .. Our shared Kingdom of Brotherhood Indestructible .. of Sisterhood Sovereignty.

Adjust thine perceptions. Alter thine ways of perceiving just now. Take the great indefatigable leap of faith vision trust into the arms of the Immaculate Conception .. for this is the way that I see you each.

The Supremacy of God beckons thee to participate with Me. He blesses thin…

A Spirit of Wholeness

See that you project not the misperceptions of thy lesser nature and bodily identity upon your brothers and sisters; for ye shall then, bind them into the imprisonment of thine misperceivings. This is the corruption that has plagued your race and it's societies over milleniums of time.

Let your mind become whole and of the One Mind. Accept not into this mortal mind the race beliefs in attempting to live outside of the Consciousness of the One God.

Whatsoever ye accept in your mind begins to hold its reality therein. And .. all minds must become healed into the One Mind by ending thine projections upon each other of error in perceiving and ignorance in acceptance of the unreal and untrue in your mind.

Share with your brothers and sisters this One Mind .. this One Consciousness .. this One Identification .. this One Reality .. the Supremacy of Deity that ye are becoming in consciousness and experience .. in expression and in existence.

The awakened Mind knows itself directly and …

Partake of Mine Purity in the Universal Father

How shall the son of man receive directly from Me?

How shall ye partake of the living scriptures that I am laying before thee without thine personality mind filters reinterpreting My words?

I tell thee. Beloveds .. ye must adhere to fulfill the great law of transfiguration and of redemption.

Ye must become thou honorable by bequeath in thy lesser nature to the Father.

Ye must stand with vigilance and discernment .. checking upon thine very own impulses which ye are motivated by. Are these impulses coming from the high and clear place of pure sightedness ... or doth ye become hypnotized by the impulses from the senses and the body mind which knoweth not the way home.

I tell thee My beloveds .. thine human mind and bodily senses are to be thine lamb whereby you become the Shepherds of thine own attainment into Life Everlasting.

I Michael .. do stand with you art every curve and always through each turn of thine journey.

Michael of Nebadon