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Mine Comforter Spirit

Solamente Uno Verdad Existe

Mine Kingdom includes this Planetary Orb

All are Precious in My Sight

Thine Good Shepherd Cometh

Los Seres Pequenos del Padre Inmaculada

Yo Soy El Jardineiro de Nuestro Universo

Thine Perfect Pattern Hails from the Fountainhead

Verily, All things Come Forth from Thought

The Sovereign Shepherd of Salvington

Universe Citizenship

As the Father

Attainment of the Kingdom

I Stand with Mine Presence in the Infinite and the Finite

Quickening all things into His Security and Stability

One Edict and One Preceptual Set of Instructions

Thine Integrating Power of Giving Unconditional Love and Mercy to all Others

The Majesty of Love in Mine Father's Kingdom

The Kingdom is of the Universal Father

Universal Majesty

My Hand of Mercy shall Carry You Upward