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Our Holy Fellowship

Yo Soy La Transfiguracion

Revelations Abound in Our Association

Planetary Host of Heaven

One Body of Extraordinary and Exquisite Love

The Infinite Circuitry of His Mercy and Forgiveness Cometh

Thine Benevolence is His Omnipotence

Mastery in thine Human Experience

Verily, We Come Once Again into the Fold of Humanity with Eternal Purpose

La Belleza de La Humanidad

Our Universal Administration Supports Thee

Rectify all Errors with the Planetary Host

Walk with Me into Thine Actualization in the Kingdom of God

The Father's Divine Exortation to all Life Everywhere

Perseverance Over the Milleniums

Thine Atonement Initiation of the Second Birth

His Kingdom is a Vast Ocean of Love

Second Birth of the Eternal Embrace