The Divine Circuits of Deity

Finite mortal creatures are called forth by the Universal Father to evolve and grow into greater and still .. a fuller Perfection. This will not occur in just one short lifetime. That is not the correct understanding that ye must cultivate in you. At this time.. mine bestowal into humanity is for those who have worked out already in themselves the concerns and issues that I will share with you here.

We come for those precious souls and individual personalities who are prepared already .. willing without hesitation .. and humble and meek without any such rebellious tendencies in them. We come not to do battle with thine egoism nor to compete and control you. We come with an overwhelming torrent of God's loving safety and security which .. If accepted by you .. Our association will prepare thee to become a candidate for the Second Birth into the Seamless Garment of Immaculate Illumination.

Become courageous to allow cooperation with Us to be invited by you .. actively and without hesitation. This will only benefit you immensely over time. You gain nothing by attempting to reinterpret things in the light of thine own subjective mind. That is the flaw of humanity that keeps the race from unfolding into their priceless actualization.

The only way to do so is through alignment with His will and Our Plan of Salvation for humanity. For those who may attempt to carry on their own administration and their own plan of Perfection .. I say to you here .. ye are caught within the residue of human subjectivity and misunderstanding .. rebelliousness and denial.

Human beings have been rebelling from Our administration since the administrative default on this planet. Just cooperate with Us .. we come for thine benefit and freedom eternal. You will not be able to disrespect Us and at the same time run your own administration .. believing that you will prosper and evolve.

We .. the Universe Mother Spirit and the Host of Heaven .. and I Michael of Nebadon .. We are the Father's Intermediary .. a midwife of sorts .. that can be depended upon and reliant to guide thine way into truth and mastery for thyselves.

Accept it or not. That is your God given free will .. which we honor and absolutely respect. We shall not coerce you or trick you or force you to choose Us beyond your own free will decision.

We are in love with you each one .. regardless of your choices! You are each a uniquely personal individualization of His Supremacy. You are each a vibrant member of Mine Body.

Michael of Nebadon


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