Sevenfold Powers of Consciousness

To quicken thy field of life, ye must draw down into your human experience the radiation of the Infinite Mother Spirit through the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven. This approach towards becoming One with the Bestowal Spirit of the Father is a part of the embracing eternity exercises of our yoga. The way to enter into and expand the Kingdomof His Sovereignty and Supremacy in you.

In thine daily communion and the Embracing Eternity Exercises, magnify the Third Person of Deity in His local universe personalization of Himself .. the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit.

Allow the Host of Heaven, in particular - the Violet Forgiveness Flame of Archangel Zadkiel, Saint Germain, and Elohim Arcturus to extend the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Holy Spirit to you for purification and redemption of your karmas, your misqualifications,  your misaligned tendencies, habits, wrong impulses, and misunderstandings. You will be transfiguring all your erroneous momentums and obstructions to embracing the Christ or Buddha of thine own nature in the Universal Father.


"I AM Infinite Spirit .. Universe Mother .. Holy Spirit .. Violet Flame of Forgiveness. "

Breathe in deeply with a confident expectation, firm demand, and sincere desire to receive the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother. Be ever grateful for thine life and existence. Claim thine place and position as His child.

Have faith in knowing that every constructively qualified desire for God expansion will be answered by the Host of Heaven.

Ye are His child, becoming His son or daughter in time and space creation through the Second Birth into Universe Citizenship. You are one day becoming receptive enough to attain to His Individualization as a member of the administration of our universe.

Michael of Nebadon


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