Our Primary Precepts of Illumination

All that exists within your personal consciousness and world that is imperfect .. has been set into creation by you. We are the creators of all conditions and relationship dynamics in our personal life and experience. The solution to changing things for your benevolence is always Our association of love and mercy. Relationship whereby you are 100% dependent upon the Father Spirit within you gives to Him the power and respect by which He can expand and transfigure all imperfection. Commanding His expansion and inviting the Flames of the Host of Heaven .. these are the two-fold means of your liberation and mastery over everything in your world. This is the living demonstration that ye must fulfill in order to become His Individualization .. His Son and Daughter within creation. 

This demonstration that I speak of requires a living of His nature and identification with the Father Principle within. These principles which I come to share with you are the primary precepts to wards perfecting thyself into the garment of life everlasting…

~Michael Of Nebadon


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