My Comforter Spirit

I instruct thee in Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Three Infinite, Co-ordinate, Supreme, Ultimate, Absolute .. three distinctly individual personalities .. infinite personalities, yet One Deity Absolute.

These Three Infinite and Originating Persons are extending themselves throughout creation .. their Circuits of Deity reach everywhere,  and are the illuminated highways by which all spirit intelligences and evolutionary creatures may progress inward to the Central Core of existence. The Three paradise Deities of the One Deity are existential and primordial .. One is the Infinite Originating Thought giving personality to all, residing at the Paradise Center and Source, and yet, inhabiting the Hearts of all creatures. Two is the expressionful Word of that Thought Original. The Second Person of the One Deity administers the perfect pattern of that Creative Thought throughout creation. The Order of Michael is one particular Order of His Sons who help to administer and further that perfect Thought .. that existential pattern of Paradise into and throughout the known creation to all created intelligences evolving into the existential. The Third Existential and Infinite Person is the Deity of transmutative action. He is the very Source of all minds, and the sustainer of every heart of hearts. His Infinite Representative in each localized son universe is the Mother of that universe, pervading all space with Her Spirit power and intelligence.

Thy Second Birth into a living immortal garment made of light and eternal life .. is created with your participation consciously and in righteousness and obedience. It is the birth out of the womb of the earth and into cosmic universal citizenship. It is the true and original soul attainment, and it must become actualized from the octaves of flesh and blood .. physical level of existence. You will not pass bodily through death and decomposition .. disease and degenerative failure, but you will become quickened and cleansed .. raised and redeemed .. rectified and regenerated into the immortal garment.

He or she who believes as I believe, and who is willing to live accordingly with our understanding .. they shall never taste of death. These aspirants who desire to have life and more abundantly and eternally secured .. they shall be made new and whole by My Father.

I and the Infinite Mother Spirit with the Mighty Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven .. we come to guide the meek and humble, the child-like and contrite, the willing and worshipful individuals beyond the plague of decay and degeneration, and into the everlasting glory of the One.

...and it is My Comforter Spirit that surrounds thee, and awaits thine invitation to Me, thine receptivity and readiness to go further in thine evolutionary attainment. It is also the Infinite Spirit of the Mother who is the very Source of all minds, and the sustainer of every heart in this our universe.

Michael of Nebadon


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