The Spirit of My Father's Bestowal in Thee

Most of value is the Spirit of bestowal who lives within you. This Spirit is the Life of the Father God .. His Consciousness  .. which will inspire you and motivate thine seeking and searching for happiness into its own direction. And your mind can be a courageous alliance of meaning and righteous purpose.

Real and truly everlasting achievement is in making contact with this presiding Consciousness ..  this Spirit of the Father who lives within you. Every movement .. each and all of every step that you take in His direction .. these are eternal achievements that you carry in you for all time.

My Father's Spirit of bestowal will ignite your search and struggle so that you are moved into Its own direction and value. This same spirit will encourage your heart and mind to learn to control itself and awaken the higher impulses of the body once you are willingly fit to release it from the hoards of fear and self doubt. In this way shall your spiritual nature bloom. It shall blossom into its own redemption and deliverance from all ills of the world; from all lethargies and the evils of stagnation shall become gradually dissipated in light of a new ideal in the Kingdom of thine awaiting entrance, beloveds.

... and by the powers of living faith and explicit trust in the Father Bestowal .. ye shall vanquish all fears of circumstance and doubts of your achievement. Ye shall become equipped then, to strive for the accomplishment in the Kingdom of His Sovereignty .. and the all-dominating love for the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Humanity will hold its sway over all lesser inclinations in you.

And these great and all-abiding virtues shall bequeath you with a mind made ready to learn, and a heart and soul that yearns for the attainment of greater perfection in the sight of your Paradise Father. This is the way that your faith and trust shall create new momentums. This faith will erase permanently all fears of every kind by its compelling presence of that regenerated newness of mind and heart, and this all-dominating tolerance, love, and cooperative understanding of your brothers and sisters.

I tell thee beloveds, that thine soul shall become an overflowing powerhouse of purity and meaning, purpose renewed and bodily regenerated in sight of your new goal in the Kingdom; overflowing because of thine revivified consciousness which has become birthed in you in the realization that you are a child of the Universal Father Spirit who now seeks to establish thine sonship and daughtership through eternal union with the Ever-Presence of His Bestowal Spirit.

Michael of Nebadon


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