Communion of Supremacy

I sit in these early morning hours with the mists in the field all around me beginning to dissolve. I am breathing into my own field this effulgence and illumination of the Universal One Deity.

He cometh .. and I breathe in the being that I AM. Drink do I .. of His effervescence .. His Joy and Grace overflow through every pour of mine bodies. I am quickening these bodies with the Omnipresent Omnipotence of His Mercy.

All now settles into this tranquility beyond explanation. I find myself to be immersed and perpetually identified with this nameless indescribable Consciousness. . . never-ending Infinite Intelligence washes through my mind and heart here within the terrestrial octaves.

All is My Consciousness .. I AM the Primordial Undifferentiated Ocean .. all-permeating am I. All creatures and every earthly kingdom dwells within Me as a living expression of Mine Selfhood within the Father Mother of Supremacy.

Michael of Nebadon


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