Thine Imminency and His Everpresent Care

Bequeath thyself with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Mine being. Place thine invitation upon the altar of Father Son Spirit .. and ask to become woven into the fabric of Our Circuits of Divinity. This is Paradise Trinity Endowment as the Three Persons of One Deity reach themselves into creation with all creatures.

Through the combined ministry of the Father Bestowal and the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of the Originating Son, I am able to reach you very personally. Thine priorities and values shall become raised into an insightful maturing. Thine virtues shall become further expressed in you as you invite My Comforter Consciousness into your life as a human being.

The great Ideals of the Three Persons of the One Deity Absolute .. these shall become the divine oil that fuels thine strivings for Perfection .. your progressions into weaving the Paradise Pattern of His Sovereignty in you.

Remembrance of the Father is brought about by your right thinking in terms of the Kingdom of His Righteousness and honor .. His dignity and respect becoming awakened in you as your divine duty. His weaving action in thine consciousness occurs day to day and moment to moment through moral choosings and the purposeful Self Directive Governing I AM. . the higher Mind in you.

Thine highest and most sublime nature and religious experience is the fruitful produce of your choices in deciding to share your life eternally with the Creative Source of that life .. the Life within your life as a mortal limited creature. The highest religious experience is dependent upon a profoundly deep and actual experience of thine moment to moment spiritual communion with His residence in you; the believing in God .. His Consciousness and Pure Life .. as the inner reality of such a purely religious transformation .. of virtues, values, priorities, and importances of His endless eternity and His everlastingly  .. everpresent Life.

... the very Life that I AM. Partake of Mine Life, beloveds. Partake of Me. Drink of Mine intoxicating Mercy and Forgiveness.

Hunger not for the temptations of ephemeral momentary unrealities .. the bubbles arising momentarily out from the Primordial Ocean I AM. Instead, stand with, and as, the very imminency of His Power and Sovereignty.

Michael of Nebadon


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