The Sevenfold Embracing Eternity Exercises at Salvington College Seminary

I sayeth unto those who have bred a genuine sincerity in their minds .. who yearn in their hearts to know of My original teachings as given to My disciples.

For this specific reason I have come again into thine midst.

Judge Me not for the unpretentious way that I have entered into thy evolutionary journey. I intend to gather merely the aspirant who is ready after centuries of personal study.

Those who 'think they already know of Me and My way' .. these shall be allowed to persevere down their self appointed misunderstood trajectories. They must learn the hard and sharp way of the little opinions and arrogance of the race.

Yet .. as for those who are ready to come forth out of the downward spiral of the human society ...

I am offering you clarification and illumination .. so that thine understanding of Mine Precepts is made clear to you .. for your advancements into the Second Birth.

Begin to study these seven precepts of thine free will. Learn of these teachings which are the grail of eternity .. the Kingdom openers are certainly those powers that give you the expansion of your will into the higher will and divine way.

Thine entrance into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy requires you to give .. not to take. The giving of your time, effort, energies, attentions, allegiance and adoration for the One Father God.

So let us begin to enter into these eternal verities in Mine Consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon


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