The Higher Meanings and Everlasting Values of Paradise Trinity Source

Invisionment is the fifth power of thine free will. Invisionment has everything to do with building in you those attitudes, values, priorities, virtues, that support your living of the Ideal of the Universal Father. Invisionment enriches the mortal mind and personality while growing character and consciousness into an expression of soul. This is the divine weaving into you of the Paradise Pattern of Perfection.

Invisionment waters the seeds of pure religious unfoldment; where the sacred and holy, the truly valuable and victorious comes to life .. in you. It produces growth of meanings and an enhancement of values that lead the disciple godward. Evil and rebellion in heart and mind always have their seeds .. their roots .. within the personal and subjective.

As the personal point of view takes control over the objective and absolute, evil begins to take root in the soul and personality. The subjective thinking of personality when elevated to the degree of pretending to be the absolutes, nurtures quietly the waves of evil.

Thus, evil has begun its downward weight upon the mind and emotions of the creature personality causing mismanagement of the Paradise Ascension Career of the individual.

Goodness is not necessarily pleasure, nor is pleasure necessarily goodness. The young soul, while still immature in its understanding values of the Kingdom, places an evaluation of their life experiences basing this evaluation upon pleasure only. Our maturity as a personalization of the Supreme God is directly proportional to acquainting higher meanings and values with an understanding sight of the larger picture at hand.

Goodness, Truth, and Beauty .. and many other godly virtues are divine absolutes which hail from the Three Creative Centers of the Paradise Trinity Source.

Michael of Nebadon 


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