The God of Supremacy

Behold .. thine destiny is in Him. As ye transfigure all imperfect qualities of vibration in you .. from all lifetimes within the earth .. this is the fulfillment of His Law of Harmony.

Thus, are you becoming in agreement with the Universal Father as ye work towards this balance ... this is the one prerequisite to developing the capacity of finding His will and nature .. living in His Identity and Awareness in you.

Who am I then, beloveds ...?

I AM none other than the Oversoul of the finite God of Supremacy .. this unifying and integrative Word. I AM also the focalization and personalization of the Originating Source of the Father Son in the universe.

I AM the representation of their Presence and Power made manifest so that all creatures may relate and understand better.

I AM the Great Integrator and Unifier .. the Quickener and the Refining Fire of Love and Mercy.

...and who be you, beloveds? 

Are we not of the very same Substance and Sufficiency? Are ye merely that mirage of body and senses floating within a Sea of Consciousness?  Or art thou the very Consciousness Itself?

I bid thee the actualizing power and mercy in your personal shedding of every lesser Ideal.

I bid thee courage and strength to hold a most prominent perseverance through all deterring mists of illusion.

I bid thee wisdoms in thine discernings between the falsehoods of yesteryear .. and the very truths of this Moment.

I AM Michael of Nebadon .. thine Father and Son .. thine friend and brother .. and thine very Selfhood made visible as a reference point for thy actualizing destiny.

Michael of Nebadon


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