Mine Arrival in the Garment of Flesh is Upon Thee Beloveds

Oh ye of blinded faith .. look not for My return in the ancient scripts of your civilization.  Seek not signs and glamour that would attract the incapable and unworthy ones.

I come in the most simple of ways, and stand ready to reveal myself only to those personalities who have prepared a faithful place within their soul. Those who seek My knowledge and conviction. Those who shall become glad to receive Mine instruction and guidance. I come not for the unholy nor the arrogant who have presupposed that all is already known to them. I come for the pure hearted ones who desire a divine deliverance that transcends all sects and organizations .. all formal pathways and every type of dogmatic limitation.

I come to show you the way of completion so that you are preparing to qualify as a candidate for the Everlasting Eternal Embrace. This is the Second Birth given to the soul not by man and woman .. but by God Himself.

I am a modern man without the pretensions of a certain dress or behavior. Look not for Me in long flowing robes or skirts of the past civilizations. I am come right in the midst of thine mundane lives .. to call out from amongst mankind only the childlike and trusting ones who are yearning for greater truth and understanding which will take them into the establishment of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty within their own consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon


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