Blessed are the Givers of the World

Blessed are the sensitive ones who feel deeply and desire with a full heart to share their connection with the Brotherhood of Humanity; for they shall receive the greater portion of Light and life in which to lovingly distribute to all others .. and this outflow shall cleanse their soul personality beyond the limitations of mortality.

...and they shall become satiated .. fed with the Manna from the Heavens. This Living Word of the Eternal Son will bring to each and all a fulfillment which transcends all human understanding.

...and in the life of the apostles and disciples of the Universal Father .. the mortal coil shall begin to place upon itself the Immaculate Garment of Immortality. These individuals shall come to be born again through the transfigurative Fire of God's Love and Grace .. His Mercy and Forgiveness ...

His Effervescent Omnipotence and Omniscient Guidance shall be as an Eternal Compass directing the apostles and disciples of Truth and Justice ever onwards and inwards.

Those who walk with sincerity and faith .. trust and a contrite willing and humble heart and mind shall become raised up in their frequency vibration. The wheat shall become separate from the chaff; for the chaff will become cleansed and quickened .. renewed and redeemed in this great Plan of Salvation.

Michael of Nebadon


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