Salvington Trust Candidates for Immortality

I serve your highest nature .. thine divine holy intention .. thine God-reality .. by working with the Creative Mother Spirit and Her Adjutant Spirit Virtues in accord together with the Host of Heaven. Our full cooperation is aligned with the Bestowal Spirit of the Paradise Father.

Call thou forth .. invoke His Holy Name. Infiltrate thine thoughts of confusion and discolor. Penetrate thine veils of discontent and disillusionment. Conquer thine self-perpetuated and boisterous inner rebellions. Overwhelm thine tendencies to run and hide .. to avoid and ignore Truth. 

Take Mine Goodly Hand Universal .. go right ahead .. Grab thou hold upon Mine Comforter Consciousness. Test and prime Mine Consciousness and Character; for the winds of discernment shall blow hither and amiss .. yet the One Truth and Power and Presence of the Lord thine God will sustain thee throughout all ephemeral habits and sensory confusions. The Fatherhood of God is already victorious .. though not as quite yet in the hearts and minds and bodies of every single personality. For this is thine choice for freedom and for light and life in the One benevolence of Deity.

Oh great God Presence .. from within the Flame of thine own God-reality. Ask that truth be revealed in you, blessed children. Knock upon the byways of His Throne of Awareness and Adorational Victory. Seek Him in the corridors of thine own Heart of feelings and thine very mind of thought and concept.

I come to help you establish thine life and existence within the Kingdom of His Sovereignty;  that you be made Wholeheartedly Immortal .. and so that His Perpetual Purity washes in and through you for all times.

I mentor and nurture thine mind and heart. All within this universe are Mine care and trust. 

Our initial guidance brings to mine aspirants and disciples the eternal priorities and values which are a necessity to their minds and hearts .. their personalities .. their mortal creaturehood. 

They who stand with Me must focus inward into their own Godly reality. Mine disciplines shall advance their own Paradise Career into the initiation of Universal Citizenship by invoking cooperation with the Trinity Endowment Ideal and Trust.

With thine personal consent and cooperative conviction for truth and beauty and the Father's goodness, we bring Our Everlasting Association to the attention of humankind in order to help you develop greater soul realities and the values of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy. 

In His Supremacy will you discover your own freedoms. Ever do We guide you in your greater choices and decisions through righteousness and revelation .. mind renewal and emotional regeneration.

In Our fellowship association together. . let thine moment to moment decisions be in favor of your own advancing career. 

Allow thyself to choose the Father's will .. by becoming His nature and identity as best you are able. 

Moral and divinely ethical considerations do open the doorways to the development of soul .. these virtues pave the illuminated highway for you .. which lead you into a concerted dedication and devotion for what is real and true in life.

You and I .. we exchange many things. Your trust and respect for Me in surrounding you with the Comforter of My being .. brings an interchange .. a bridge of mutual love and repoire allowing for virtual miracles in your preparation to enter into the Kingdom of His Supremacy and everlasting Sovereignty.

Michael of Nebadon 
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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