Righteousness and the Courage of thine Godhood

Faith trust and a single-hearted devotion for the Father God .. this is the holy grail for entering into His Kingdom, and in thine entering in, ye become sovereign and eternally free from the instabilities of the world. Ye become stabilized and harmonized with the One Principle Primordial. Ye become immortal and ascended and thine existence is brought to a new level with permanence.

Gradually over time and space will you build this new trajectory and momentum of Light and Life everlasting. One decision at a time, one choice in favor of the Father who is bestowed within thee as the very Life Consciousness, thine Identity and Nature, thine Awakened Mind and Evolved Heart.

Gradually, will ye become regenerated by thine own faith-filled choices; choosing eternity and the long-term plan of salvation and atonement.

Become thou .. a Minister of Righteousness .. One who walks consciously with the Primordial Consciousness of the Father.

Begin your refinement and expansion into His Purity and Grace .. learning the divine art of opening the doorway into His Kingdom. Thus, I teach thee of the precepts of Eternity.

Ye must educate yourself on your lesser nature. Come to know the lesser nature in you .. your particular tendencies and habitual inclinations. Seek to mature these parts by loving and accepting these human characteristics in you. Be not judgmental of your imperfections .. but embrace these things as you take their hand and walk the human into the divine. Raise the human from its animalistic tendencies and rebelliousness into the higher and the greater. Blend the two. Smooth out the rough edges. You are just as a sculptor .. taking the raw materials of human imperfectly qualified misperceptions of thoughts and feelings .. and misalignments of human mental intent and clouded purpose filled misunderstanding .. and those misqualified energies from lifetimes of sowing causes and effects .. memories and manifestations. Usher these with your loving consent into the Kingdom of His Consciousness. Secure for thyself attainments of light and life which are held in your safe-keeping eternally.

Bring all these things into His Consciousness which is the highest Consciousness of Life in you. This is the ushering of thyself into the Father's Kingdom of Consciousness. His Sovereignty becomes established and secured; for every small effort you give to His Cause .. this becomes an everlasting Accomplishment for you. It cannot be taken away .. nor does it rust and decay.

In my human time within this particular garment of flesh and bone .. I have endured the most of failure and disappointment within my human Selfhood .. priming and refining that human self to look only to the Father. This had taken three decades of persistent dedication in choosing to fulfill His will and way .. and human decisions always in favor of expansion of the Kingdom. Always .. in this preparing of my human selfhood .. the son of man as they say .. did I have to let go of my own human ideas on human levels of consciousness .. human conditions and interior misalignment had to be quickened and refined into His Primordial Fire .. His Purity and His Timing. Patience I had to cultivate even to levels of tremendous waiting in faith and trust.

There is simply nothing that you must endure or will endure in your own journey .. that I had not experienced myself firsthand. Losses and failures .. temptations in faith trust .. poverty and challenges .. all of these and more did I embrace and take upwards in My gathering of the momentums of Light and Life; these things I did for the civilization .. the race of humanity, and also for mine own coming into form of this kind .. to better understand the evolutionary viewpoint.

I bid thee strength and faith trust .. and the humility and willingness to endure your own progression into freedom; to tackle your own rebelliousness and resistances within your own human being. To mature and upgrade your existence into the finer and greater life more abundant.

I AM yours in the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth.

Michael of Nebadon


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