Our Supremacy Guideth all Souls into Love

I say .. the world needeth reformation against trivialities and the superficial; it needeth thine own speakings of depth, and truth, love and goodness. Behold God, right in front and all around thee beloveds. He is One Deity whether He manifest as Father, Son, and Spirit .. and their associates .. He is One God that you will begin to perceive all-permeating you... as your own Selfhood .. thine own Consciousness of the Universes.

Behold, Life is much more than you or any human being can ever imagine. Humans are attached to their trivial absurdities, and these do hypnotize the individual into the senses and appearance world .. the phantom overlay of naught which is true and beautiful and good.

Life is more than the maintenance of bodily orchestrations and errands and taskings of the world. Behold, thine Life cometh as a thief in the night. Life is the Father's bestowal upon thee. Make thine contact with Him. Place a value upon the time and energies that you place in His service .. His service is first and foremost the expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty in you and through you to reach the rest of this octave of existence.

Verily, it is the ascent into His glory and honor that gives to you all virtue and self respect .. all value for living, and every dignity of having lived a life worth living. Put aside all thine games and trivialities that would take you further away from His remembrance and relationship, revelation and realization must come naturally as you are righteous in your use of free will, and the creative power placed in service to the Kingdom of Light and Life.

The world needeth a spirituality without much of the dogmas and stories of the past. This spirituality of which I speak has as its roots .. its core .. magnification of the Lord thine God and the magnetization into your soul and person of the Fire of the Mother through the planetary Host. Only then, manifestation can become built upon righteous momentums and the blossoming forth of all mastery.

I am Michael of this Son Universe, given to Me by the Father Son Spirit for its own burgeoning actualization into light and life itself; for We work without tire nor doubts nor other separative fantasies such as exist within thine realm. We are overflowing with such utter joys and passions of love and mutual understandings which far surpass all within thine realm. Ever onward do we guide this universe into its fulfillment as the body of the Deity of Supremacy.

Immersed within His Glory and Honor
I AM Michael of Nebadon


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