Our Infiltration is the Will of the Universal Father for Humanity

Through the fulfilling of the law of thine existence whereby you transfigure all misqualifications and oppositions to Truth .. you are learning to live the Father's will .. His nature and Identity. You are positioning your consciousness to become evaporated into this One immutable, eternally moving, absolute, divine truth which is the primary, vibrating undercurrent .. untouched and untainted, undifferentiated and unconditioned by any creatures or by any thought whatsoever. It is the Paradise Pattern that the Order of Michael embodies and expands into creation. It is the carrying forth of the Everlasting Word of the Originating Son.

To infiltrate and penetrate human consciousness .. to stir into the original desire for God; for all desires for healing and harmony and for a better life .. these do have their originating impulses within the desire for godhood.

So, We come and enter into the minds of human thinking to impregnate those minds and hearts with Our Ideal .. the living Ideal of Paradise extended downward into human evolutionary progressions.

Our remembrance opens the doorway for recognition within the individual soul and personality; for God has bestowed a small portion of Himself into each with the express intention to make this Spirit personalized .. and to make thine personality spiritualized. To become in this adventure a new being that is immortal, and which holds within its possession the capacity to receive in greater portions of this One Universal Substance divine.

Relationship with the Spirit of the Father bestowal is built upon a daily rhythmic pulsation of entering into his Kingdom of Consciousness through thine thought attention and focused devotions. Repetition of the righteous use of your free will through the EEE's bears great fruit over time. This is the very same approach to God that all have gone and applied before you in their attainment of greater immortal divinity personalized.

These precepts do converge for the aspirant into a regeneration of all stagnant misqualified energies within the soul personality. And regeneration leads one to revelation and realization .. renewal as ye walk with the omnipresent Father in your day to day meanderings .. all leading into the atonement in the plan of salvation .. the resurrection and ascension of all your human elements into a new being, a new name, and a new stabilization in the higher octaves wherein learning occurs through service expressions and abundant loving interrelationships with the Universal Citizenry of our universe.

I bid thee strength and a fuller declaration of commitment within each of you as you go forth in this grand venture emblazoned with the illumination of Father, Son, and Spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon


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