Infinite Father Universal Son Immaculate Spirit

Yours is a gradual acclimation to the higher frequencies .. ye must acclimate day by day .. transfiguring the density of lifetimes in your past .. and partaking of My Consciousness with the Father.

You must adhere to the practice of the Seven Mighty Powers through the EEEs. Only in this way can you plow thine field of personality and soul in order to make way to approach the Father God who is bestowed as a portion of His Consciousness in your own heart and mind.

...and none do come to the Father .. but through the Son. This Son is His Word .. and the Spirit is His Act.

The Father is the Originating Thought of all Existence.  The Son is the revelation of this Thought .. in the Word .. the Current of Love and Mercy pouring continually out of the great Creative Manufacturer of all Life Energies.

...and the Action of the Immaculate Spirit .. this is the preparation necessary in order to partake of the Son's Word .. His Primordial Paradise Pattern of Perfection .. stepped into creation by the Originating Son and His Paradise Sons.

I AM this Pattern of Paradise Perfection in personality and consciousness .. in My full Station at the HQ of this universe. It remains My responsibility with the Mother and the Universal Administration to administer into Our creation this Paradise Pattern of Perfection .. to attune this local Universal creation all component of the Totality .. into its fulfillment.

And I am inviting humanity to join Us in these efforts divine.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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