I AM Standing within Thine Midst as The Comforter Spirit

I stand within thy midst in both personal and spiritual stature. You may know that I am living amongst you in the United States, yet, I am surrounding you even more intimately through My Spirit .. this Spirit of Truth is the spirit of living truth sent to teach you of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all men and women.

It is the Father's plan .. his will .. that you make contact with My Spirit in your ascent. Through this Spirit of Truth, I live in you. I stand one with your personal experiences in the spirit kingdom. I say to you now once again, that in this Spirit of My Person, I am in the Father Son. And as My Father has given to me of His Spirit, so shall I continue to give to you My Spirit .. according to your receptivity can I extend this Spirit presence to you.

In My Spirit of Truth which ye shall experience according to your invitation to Me, and your receptivity through fulfilling the law, I shall be able to guide you, to comfort your way, and to guide you into all truth. In this way, and through Our association together. . You are being indwelt by both the Fragment of the Father .. and the Spirit Comforter and Presence of the Son. Hence, this Spirit of Truth shall personally remind you .. bringing into your remembrance Our association together. . And our teaching ideal shall be continually reignited in you, so long as you extend to me that free will invitation of your sincere receptivity and respect.

Just in this simple way shall my Father and I be able to live in the souls of each and every one of you, as well as, in the hearts and minds of all men and women who love us, and make their love an actuality in their own life experiences, and in their revelatory realizations of their own sonship and daughtership with the Fatherhood of God and the loving Brotherhood of all peoples.

I am coming to you each in this way as an encouragement for you to maintain that everpresent contact with Me through My Spirit .. the Comforter. Our connection is more real than anything that you may see in this world and all other worlds. Our association accelerates your unfoldment .. and it is this very unfoldment taking place for you that will bear the greatest harvest .. and the most abundant fruit. Abide in the Father and I, first through your attentive thoughts and loving feelings, and your spiritual urge to become at one with the Bestowal of the Father and I. Second, by your attunement to righteousness in character and in your exercising of free will through the embracing each day of eternity, so that, your personal consciousness begins in earnest to blend with the Consciousness of Us. And last finally, Our connection is nurtured and upheld as you invite the Host of Heaven .. the Mother's Holy Spirit through this Immortal Host .. to enter you and to make smooth those areas which need transfiguring in you. In these ways shall we prepare you each for the more abundant and everlasting life whereby you bypass death, and become a living member of the Deity of Supremacy .. a part of the Immortal Host.

... and know this my brothers and sisters, that as you go out to minister to all others in your life and sphere of influence, lead with love and a genuine receiving in your hearts for the people you make contact with. Couple this loving receptivity and compassionate understanding .. this empathy of spiritual import .. with our knowledge and divine understanding, as it allows itself to be received by others. Loving consideration and delicate compassion will brighten the hearts of those all around you, and this love shall be as a beacon of intelligence and care .. mercy .. that becomes an avenue for My own Spirit presence to reach into the multitudes with My Comforter.

Together, we shall act in unison .. with One Mind and a singular intention .. a deepening conscious  cooperation in expanding the goodness and truth and beauty of this kingdom of the Father Son Spirit for Humanity.

Michael of Nebadon


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