Break this Bread of Consciousness in Remembrance of Me

Ye must comprehend Mine teachings of Love and Unending Mercy through their living .. ye must realize their meanings in the living of these precepts as an understanding .. a better way to approach your life in time and space.

The absolute pattern of Paradise will reweave itself back into the tapestry of your Consciousness through the Spirit of Truth. For the olden religious ways teach you to sacrifice selfness .. yet through Mine Comforter Spirit, I teach you the new religion of expansion and refinement .. cultivation of the higher values and everlasting virtues .. enhancement of realization through remembrance and recognition of the Originating Source.

...and these are coupled with your heightened sensibilities and divinely inspired motivations for divine beauty, infinite goodness, and eternal truth in the grand adventure of finding God, and living His will .. His nature and identity .. the deepening of His revelation in you .. as you .. and with you in all possible ways.

The highest realization and the most profound interpretation of the Paradise Trinity Endowment is in the actualization of the ten reintegrating precepts beginning with thine remembrance and culminating with the re-embracing of all that is revealed about the Father's residence in you.

Michael of Nebadon


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