Actualizing the God of Supremacy in you

This actualizing of the God of Supremacy .. the Supreme God .. is a finite expression of the Infinite Nameless One.

We are participating in His unfolding drama together as the One of Himself .. the only begotten Sonship .. Daughtership of the universes .. this is the Unified Cosmic Buddha .. the Cosmic Christ .. the God of Supremacy.

It is the very Heart and Intelligence of creation actualizing Himself in us .. through us .. by us .. for us .. and .... as Us. All paths are valid and beautiful. Even the path of those who have .. as of yet .. to acknowledge and recognize Him as their own life and source.

As ye breathe .. then breathe Him into your field of density .. quickening this field into receptivity. This is the only one way .. the Holy Grail that is the thread of Truth moving through all religions and paths.

As this field of receptivity matures in you and as you .. then and only then will ye blossom into thine godhood in a sincere and righteous way. It is through the illuminated avenues of Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Divine Personality Circuits of the Trinity of Existence .. that each individualized expression of the Supreme God will unfold itself.

And I have shared with thee .. my friends and brothers and sisters .. that you must fulfill His law of cause and effect .. bringing harmony to all misqualified momentums .. all misqualifications  of your use of His Force of Life must become harmonized with Him.

Then .. will ye hold the capacity to embody His goodness .. His beauty .. and His truth.

Then .. will ye have positioned thyself to live within the great protective grace of His will .. and His Consciousness.

I come to gather those souls and their personality expressions into Our Homeward trajectory into Pure Love and a much more abundant Life Everlasting.

Infused with the Everlasting Mercy of Father Son Spirit

I AM Michael of Nebadon


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