Thine Direct Discipleship with Us Quickens Immortality

As My Father Son Spirit have given to Me of their Spirit and Life, so will I give to you of My Spirit. You need only ask and invite Me to come into thine prayers and contemplations, thine invocations and thine times when you are in worship of the Universal Originating Father Source of Us all.

As you ask and allow thyself to receive Me, I hold the capacity to flood you with My Spirit of Truth in order to guide and comfort you .. eventually leading you into all Truth. As you receive of My Comforter Spirit in your heart and mind, I will abide with you and renew thine mind into the vaster Mind. My Spirit of Truth will help you to know that you are the sons and daughters of the Universal Source.

By the old way you have sought to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of human living; by the new way you are first transformed by My Spirit of Truth, and thereby strengthened in your heart, mind and soul by this continual spiritual renewing that I and the Universe Creative Mother Spirit offer to humanity at this time and always.

Illumination of thine life and existence is a living reality for those who are willing to receive of Us, and become partakers of the Father's bestowal Spirit in you. Hence, are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Be in His remembrance throughout thine day and evening; for it is thine faith trust relationship in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of His divine nature and ever uplifting character virtues.

First and foremost seek the Kingdom of His Consciousness which is the very Source of thine being and life. Recognition breeds remembrance, and this fosters relationship and nurtures deeper realization.
"Thine illuminated heart, soul, and mind shall be an ever-potent fountain .. a perpetual spring delivering to you daily the Sacred Waters of Life Everlasting.

Our eternal association is a beacon of Intelligence and Love .. Our dedicated cooperation with expanding His Kingdom in and through each member of humanity.

Reach unto the Fatherhood of God and to the Brotherhood of Humanity. Our purely religious educational fellowship brings an intellectual emancipation from any 'worn out' concepts, and a spiritual Illumination to the individual willing to dedicate themselves to discipleship with Us.

Michael of Nebadon


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