Thine Avenues of Illumination

I clarify for you the avenues of approach to the Universal Father. Once you have read and contemplated Our offerings to you .. it remains for you each to take the necessary steps towards unfolding your own freedom and mastery.

Mastery occurs as you rely upon the indwelling Consciousness.  In this Consciousness is all love .. wisdom .. and power. And as you rightly use your own Consciousness and Life, then you gain more of it.

As you bring forward the unconscious tendencies and impulses of lifetimes .. and as you transfigure these misqualified conditions in you .. then this great Consciousness becomes more universally oriented. You .. in Consciousness .. begin to experience the spiritual endowment of the Paradise Trinity.

You are gaining the attitude of Paradise .. the way that the Indwelling Adjuster of tge Father .. perceives and hilds this plan. While doing this .. you are very quietly raising upwards your creature expression and experience.

Day by day you gain control over your energies and vibrations .. your priorities and values begin to more astutely adhere to the law of love .. and the Avenues of Perfection become more luminous for you.

Maturity unfolds one decision at a time .. and this maturing of character and consciousness in thine personality soul does require your participation.  It is not an automatic occurrence.

Michael of Nebadon


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