Thine Absolute Abundant Association with Us

Believe in this One all-permeating and Primordial Substance which is literally everywhere. Everything is made of this One Intelligence and Power. It is true that Spirit is the primary vibratory power and substance everywhere at the very same time. Your body .. mind .. soul .. and spirit is made of exactly the same thing.

The only difference is in the vibratory rate of the particles of this substance .. and the ratio of the particles.

All else is exactly of the very same thing. Through your thought and intensified thought which is feeling .. you can set into motion this one energy substance.  Emotion is truly this one energy set into motion .. E-Motion!

Faith filled conviction in this divine science is the alchemical agent of transmutation. Firm demand composed out from faith and righteous desire .. confident expectations .. and the inner knowledge of your place in life .. your relationship with and to the all-pervading Father .. this does cause the ethers of this One Substance to become drawn downward into human visible use.

As you progress further you will be able to stir this substance into your intended manifestation.  This I refer to as precipitation.

Thus... returning all misqualified imperfect materialized vibrational substance that you have at some point in time precipitated into material visible form ... this I call etherealization. It is transmutation or changing .. mutating .. the vibratory action back into the Undifferentiated formless Ocean of Consciousness.

In thine seeking godhood .. you are working towards this mastery. You are precipitating into visibleness .. the Christ Principle of thine own Selfhood .. and you are doing this by etherealizing the lower vibratory rates in your energy field .. your atomic field of mind body soul.

Michael of Nebadon


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