The Threefold Atonement of the Ages

You are the one to capture the moment and enter into communion with the Undifferentiated Ocean. Thine breath is a doorway into the Kingdom of His Consciousness.

...breathe and while you become aware of your breathing .. become aware of the force of Consciousness that is breathing your breath. The Life Consciousness provides the energy presence and awareness in your Consciousness. He is the primordial underlying power that animates us everywhere and on every octave. Give Him praise and worship .. adoration and acknowledgement .. appreciate thine life in and as the Source. Acceptance of His Presence brings greater things.

Be conscious that you are His Consciousness Itself. Not an awareness of something around you or some idea or object .. but that you are the It of Itself.

Conscious that I AM Consciousness Itself. This subtly brings great happiness and terrific fulfillment into Our life.

You are this pure awakenedness of the universe. You are the Self Consciousness of the universes of creation .. the Nameless Undifferentiated Purity of Indestructible Light.

This is the one and only vast Intelligence and Power everywhere present. All people and animals and elementals and angels .. all masters ascended .. all beings are the Great Consciousness of the Supreme God expressing and acting.

Become in your vibrational field more of this greater field by redeeming the lowered vibratory activity in you. Practice your EEEs and build this powerful momentum by transfiguring the accumulated imperfections of density.

The obstructions to master all things within are merely energies of your own soul caught in the materializing influences of the differentiated density.

The Hindus call this One .. Brahman .. and the Taoists call it Tao. In Western Christian terms it is the Universal Christ.  Often I refer to this great Ocean of Consciousness as Father.

While the Universal Trinity does dwell in personality at the Center of Existence,  their Consciousness is spread out as the creation itself.

As you travel to work or enjoy your play time .. be this One in expression .. in you .. through you as a human person .. let him act for you .. and by you .. allow the expansion of His Kingdom as your own expansion and growth .. thine own unfoldment of all inherent potentials. Imagine you are this by claiming it right now .. own it now and at the same time you will transfigure all the unconsciousness.

You will be consciously commanding thine very own progressive unfoldment. You will be thine own Self Directive Governing I AM in Expression.

Thus, have you claimed your inheritance by seeking and finding the Universal Undifferentiated One .. and by tuning to His nature and identity.

His Will and Plan of Salvation thereby carries us into the Threefold Atonement of the Ages.

Michael of Nebadon


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