Character Growth in the Kingdom of the Father

Moral choices and ethical decisions build character .. confidence .. cooperation .. and consecration in the individual’s mind and body. Gradually with time and space on your side supporting your refinements, choose wisely to be truthful in all thine proceedings.

As you follow doing the right thing in your conscience .. you will build self respect and self honor .. dignifying your life and personality.  These are a few of the virtues of the Paradise Father .. the Trinity Persons of the One Deity.

Loving unconditionally is the Ideal to strive for .. not through behavior changes .. but through the divine art of Transfiguration of all error and misqualified conditions in and around us.

Unworthiness comes from a few things .. not living up to your expectations .. not following the higher choices .. and not being utterly truthful to yourself and others. Finally .. rebelliousness to the Paradise Pattern of Perfection.

Rebel not against Our Infinite Mercy .. Our offering to Humanity is the way .. the truth .. and the life everlasting. Rebel not against giving thyself to the Spirit of God .. for He is your destiny in this journey.

This royal road is not a behavior change nor is it an act. You must walk in the knowledge and truthfulness .. so that you begin to understand in your direct experience what you are learning intellectually.

Thus .. it takes time .. and unworthiness must be transfigured as well. Yet .. so that you do not add to it .. or not to "sin again" .. you must walk your talk. This cannot be faked.

Hence, come into our association together to accelerate your progression into the Life that is absolute happiness and supreme harmony.

Michael Of Nebadon


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