Blessed are the Receptive Ones

Blessed are those who are ready and willing to listen; for they shall receive of their inheritance .. first, there shall come through Me their intellectual emancipation .. and then, they shall learn the value of application and obedience .. and their soul shall gather unto itself .. liberation .. and even their physical body and personality  .. these shall become illuminated, and shall enter into the Kingdom of God. They shall bypass even death; for the Universal Father rules the circle of eternity and everlasting life. He maketh not that which is impermanent .. for those are the  humanly misqualified and imperfect works of human beings  .. to erroneously create impermanence and unlastingly.

The Father creates thee anew .. in His immaculate conceiving and in His everlasting permanence. Hence, those who are ready to listen .. and who realize that they do not know what they think they know .. these shall see the Kingdom of His Sovereignty beyond their degeneration into death and the cycle of rebirth.

There shall be no need for their rebirth into another human womb .. for they shall have progressed into the purity and grace of the womb of the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit...

Michael of Nebadon


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