Thine Father Spirit Opens into an Infinite Horizon

Become daring .. bold .. and be courageous .. in seeking Truth in you. Truth is that which changes not. It is the unchanging all-permeating doorway to the Infinite God .. and this doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Beyond the incessant machinations of thine lesser mind and reactive emotions .. thine assumptions and human opinions .. transcendent to thine subjective beliefs and ideas ..

...there is a force of life .. of Consciousness .. which is absolutely pure .. clear .. unconditional .. Undifferentiated and Immaculate.

It is this indwelling Primordial Fire .. this unending Intelligence .. that is attempting to blend with you .. eternally. The Father has bestowed a Fragment of His Consciousness .. His Life .. in you as thine true existence .. so be not deceived by all the synthetic appearances of existence .. these are merely of the senses .. the phantom of thine ephemeral human .. which must become blended and merged eternally with the Father’s Spirit. 

Then you become a new being .. a regenerated example of where humanity must reign going forward. You demonstrate the real and true Seamless Selfhood that all are craving.

I bid thee joy in thy search inward to discern Truth .. and to cause to evaporate all obstructions to living this Primordial Principle in its fullness.

...thine destiny!

Michael of Nebadon


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