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Thine Father Spirit Opens into an Infinite Horizon

Become daring .. bold .. and be courageous .. in seeking Truth in you. Truth is that which changes not. It is the unchanging all-permeating doorway to the Infinite God .. and this doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Beyond the incessant machinations of thine lesser mind and reactive emotions .. thine assumptions and human opinions .. transcendent to thine subjective beliefs and ideas .. ...there is a force of life .. of Consciousness .. which is absolutely pure .. clear .. unconditional .. Undifferentiated and Immaculate. It is this indwelling Primordial Fire .. this unending Intelligence .. that is attempting to blend with you .. eternally. The Father has bestowed a Fragment of His Consciousness .. His Life .. in you as thine true existence .. so be not deceived by all the synthetic appearances of existence .. these are merely of the senses .. the phantom of thine ephemeral human .. which must become blended and merged eternally with the Father’s Spirit.  Then you become …

A Google+ Community for Aspirants of the Christ in Asia


Worldwide Fellowship Satsanga at Sovrnty Society

Our Eternal Association Offers Everlasting Life to Human Beings

Blessed are the poor in Spirit … in their thirst for happiness and harmony .. they shall crave and hunger for emancipation .. for liberation .. and for redemption.
Blessed are those who have failed in the world .. for the Spirit of the Father has closed their outer doors only to open wide the inner doorways of His Kingdom of Consciousness.
Blessed are the meek and surrendered in knowing that they, of themselves in their humanity, can do nothing .. for theirs is the Kingdom of all Glory upon their sacrifice and selflessness.
Blessed are the true children of the One Father Son Spirit .. for they know their own place in the Universes .. and through their right relationship to God, they shall become renewed .. regenerated .. refreshed .. and redeemed unto the Seamless Garment of Illumination.
Blessed are those who believe without seeing .. for their faith shall blossom into His Divine Insight, and their character shall become grown to maturity and wisdom in the eternal verities .. the be atti…

Divine Fusion I Demonstrated in Galilee in Mine Ascension

Natural, physical death is not a mortal inevitability. The majority of advanced evolutionary beings, citizens on worlds existing in the final era of light and life, do not die; they are translated directly from the life in the flesh to the morontia existence.
This experience of translation from the material life to the morontia state — fusion of the immortal soul with the indwelling Adjuster — increases in frequency commensurate with the evolutionary progress of the planet. At first only a few mortals in each age attain translation levels of spiritual progress, but with the onset of the successive ages of the Teacher Sons, more and more Adjuster fusions occur before the termination of the lengthening lives of these progressing mortals; and by the time of the terminal mission of the Teacher Sons, approximately one quarter of these superb mortals are exempt from natural death.
Farther along in the era of light and life the midway creatures or their associates sense the approaching stat…