His Immaculate Perceiving brings thee Honor

Ye must harness the power of this moment. Directly within you and all about you surrounding you, and interpenetrating all things .. is the Supreme God .. the finite God who has extended himself into and as the creation of the universes. All spirit intelligences and all creatures arising out from the evolutionary civilizations are a living part of this Supreme One. Ye are the Christos, the Brahman, the Supreme Essence, and ye are blessed with thine existence in and as him. And, to give back to him is to manifest his glory and honor, his consciousness of immaculate perceiving and the purity of his essence in its undifferentiated state of being.

What shall you decide to make of thine existence in the Father Supreme? Will you align with him in gratitude and honor? These decisions are only thine own to be determined by each personality soul .. each potential individualization of the One Primordial Father Source who has come to travel with you in your unfoldment into fuller stature. He desires inordinately and with full determination that you share thine personality soul with him. That you become as One being, one newly embodied soul with access to the higher spheres, the very next steps in thine evolutionary advancements, thine eternal career in and with and as the Father in time and space creation.

What shall ye accomplish with the gift of thine life and existence? For it is not enough to merely know this in theory, yet ye must attain to the Kingdom of His Sovereignty by unearthing thine potentials, thine inheritance of light and life.

I desire for thee the opportunity for you to blossom like a cosmic flower of grand proportions. To bring forth from deep within you this Father Primordial Presence, and in this to devour all lesser vibrational frequencies in the holy presence of his light.

Michael of Nebadon


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