Voice of the Creator Sons

Look for Me in the very midst of your moments. Search for Me surrounding you within every struggle and hardship that you will encounter, I am there with you. Walking with you. Breathing you within each breath that you take. Igniting your existence with the Spirit of Truth who will act as your guide and teacher.

Our association places you intimately in spirit contact with the Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Divine Personality Circuits .. the illuminated avenues by which all must travel inwards to the Divine Hub at some certain point in your existence. The Three Persons of Existence have from the very beginnings always distributed themselves to create these avenues of journey into creation.

The Host of Heaven draws down into humanity's use the Mother's Spirit .. Her Force. Her Spirit .. the Holy Spirit .. upon your asking will wash through you each day to quicken your field of density into a field of greater receptivity. Our association together accelerates this unfoldment and use of the avenues divine.

Michael of Nebadon


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