The Holy Moment of Convergence

In the Holy Moment of Convergence there is an opportunity to arrive at a higher state of consciousness .. to fulfill the great law of eternal harmony by redeeming certain things in thy soul.

As you aspire towards embracing eternity each day, Our association will accelerate the return of your soul energies which had been mistakenly misqualified by you in your past lifetimes or even in this present lifetime.

Every creature .. that is to say .. all souls .. must undergo the great harmonizing of their soul energies to prepare themselves for their convergence with the Father's Spirit.  In this way shall ye become renewed .. a new being with an immortal body of light .. and an eternal name that represents God's grace and generosity .. his goodness and grandeur.

These seven points of convergence comprise the Holy Moment of Convergence wherein the Infinite Intelligence constructs for you another stepping stone upin which ye shall walk into the Kingdom of Heaven ...

Acknowledgement of the moment is necessary.

Acceptance of those qualities that have returned to you.

Allowance of these soul energies to return through your heart of unconditional love.

Asking for the Omnipotence of Love to transfigure these prodigal qualities.

Adoring the Father in you as you allow and accept back your soul’s qualities for transfiguration.

Appreciation of the opportunity with gratitude in your heart for the chance to grow and mature in greater self empowerments of consciousness and light.

Ascending of your soul and personality frequencies upward and more closely in the securing establishment of your light.

Michael of Nebadon


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