The Great Core of Existence is Unfolding Itself

The particular must reach for the Universal, and in this way, the Universal does reach for the particular .. the individualization of Itself. This is the way of the universes, not just for the human race upon the earth. The Universal reaches down into or outward from Its own Source and Center ... Its Hub and Core, and the Individualizations of Itself ... the particulars, the differences, then do reach for the Undifferentiated Universal. Always, this never-ending infinite giving and receiving is taking place.

Eventually and gradually, the creatures and the creation take upon themselves more and more of the Perfect Pattern of the Paradise Trinity Source; for there is a great plan underway wherein at some certain point in time and space, the creation and every creature shall become enlightened ... filled with the Creator Light and Love ... His Life... and in this will occur a great expansion of sorts that will expand the perimeters of the known creation, and overflow into the more outer extremities of this creation. A new creation will become readied to birth Itself. New creatures ... new individualizations ... will come blossoming forth, and you will come to see that you've been existing in the very beginnings of existence.

Michael of Nebadon


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