The Beatitudes of Michael

Blessed are the poor in Spirit … in their thirst for happiness and harmony .. they shall crave and hunger for emancipation .. for liberation .. and for redemption.

Blessed are those who have failed in the world .. for the Spirit of the Father has closed their outer doors only to open wide the inner doorways of His Kingdom of Consciousness.

Blessed are the meek and surrendered in knowing that they, of themselves in their humanity, can do nothing .. for theirs is the Kingdom of all Glory upon their sacrifice and selflessness.

Blessed are the true children of the One Father Son Spirit .. for they know their own place in the Universes .. and through their right relationship to God, they shall become renewed .. regenerated .. refreshed .. and redeemed unto the Seamless Garment of Illumination.

Blessed are those who believe without seeing .. for their faith shall blossom into His Divine Insight, and their character shall become grown to maturity and wisdom in the eternal verities .. the be attitudes of godly virtues.

Blessed are those who have answered the call for freedom and mastery over the worldly frequencies… for they shall permanently rid themselves of all vain glories and the plague of vibrational separation.

Blessed are those who hunger to find God and become alike unto Him; for they shall be raised and renewed … they will become matured and refined into the greater light .. the life more abundant.

Blessed are the humbled ones who give credit for all good to the Father .. and finding their inner disciplines and obediences to adhere to the law of existence to so transfigure and take accounting for their evil ways…

Blessed are the accountable and obedient .. the cooperative and contemplative; for their reward shall be redemption .. that they are forgiven for all humiliating deceit and temporal dissatisfaction stemming from over-involvement in the world.

Blessed are the faithful and the trusting; for they have not betrayed their trust with the Father, and they will enter the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and partake of the realization of His Supremacy.

At Salvington College we have designed a way for individuals who love God and desire to be more like Him .. to grow into becoming sincere aspirants who seek the greater life more abundant .. to enter into the Kingdom of His Love and Mercy .. preparing to bring completion and graduate from the evolution of the Earth .. to become a candidate of the Eternal Embrace through the threefold initiation of union with the Spark of God within them.

~Michael of Nebadon

Salvington College Admissions


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