Self-Confrontation and Purification

You must also recognize the reasons why your lower self turns you away from facing yourself. One reason is that to recognize yourself as imperfect is unpleasant. The other is that the lower self is lazy and never wants to work. Yet it requires work to face what is in you, especially when it comes to facing the unpleasant things. So the first step, my friends, in your decision to walk the path of self-development and purification is to become clear about this. It is the greatest decision a human being can ever make. 

It is the noblest of all fights humanity can ever engage in. But you must do so with open eyes; therefore realize what you ought to expect and what you have to search for. Do not start to search for perfection immediately. This again would be unrealistic because you cannot attain perfection quickly without having spent much time and effort. This search is the first and most important half of the truth of the path. If you proceed well on this part of the path, you have won half the battle already, and even more, my friends!  If you realize this, you will not be discouraged when you are busy on this first half of the work that is necessary. You can reach perfection only by going through your imperfections, not by going around them. You should meditate on this daily until such knowledge becomes part of you and until you are imbued with this truth.

Furthermore, prepare yourself that going on this path does not mean a constant and smooth improvement of yourself and your life conditions. This again is completely unrealistic. It is necessary for you to face the fact that the path is long and that repercussions and times of testing will not cease as quickly as you would like to believe. I might say at this point that a great deal of harm is being done when people are led to understand that by following certain rules of metaphysical teachings their problems will altogether cease, or that if they appear to cease for a time, that will prove a sign of success. 

There are many people who appear to have no outer problems whatsoever. Such people are certainly not on this path. They may be entities of lower development of whom less is expected in this incarnation and who have been given a chance to prove what they can do with an easy life. If they do not do their best now, they will have more difficult times in a future incarnation, perhaps so they can prove themselves. But to imagine that going on this path of purification will immediately lessen your troubles or problems is very immature and childish. Certainly your outer and inner problems will lessen and finally cease, but only after a long time, after you have first thoroughly understood your inner makeup and rearranged your inner currents. In this way you will dissolve inner images that are directly responsible for your conflicts. Once you have attained some victories over yourself you will fully realize this truth, but it will take a long time and years of work. Then very gradually the times of trial will lessen in impact and frequency, as harmony grows in your soul and as you take charge of yourself and become aware of who you are. When I say “aware of yourself,” I mean knowing your lower self utterly and completely, which does not have to mean that you have overcome it completely.

When you start on this path, my friends, you ought to meditate every day before you do anything further. Meditate on the fact that you can expect to find aspects of yourself you may be shocked about. Expect this and meet it halfway instead of hiding and escaping from it. Expect that just as you have had tests before you even started on this direct path, tests will still come your way for quite a time. 

The only difference is that a person who is on the path will, after some successful work, understand that each testing and each time of woe means something very specific. A particular message that there is something quite special to learn about the self is conveyed by each difficult period and every hardship. Only after a considerable time will your mind be trained in this direction so that you will find out faster and faster what the lesson is. The moment you will understand the significance of these periods, this particular testing will cease. As long as you have not understood it, the testing will be there. It may recede after a while, but it will come back in the same or similar form until you have learned the lesson. 

Those who have experienced what it means to understand the message of a particular hardship, to really understand it to its core, will realize what a blessing it is!  Then what I am saying here will not merely be words, but a deep experience.
Excerpt Courtesy of The Pathwork
Sovrnty Society


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