Embracing Eternity Exercises with Invitation Power

The Seventh Power of free will is Invitation for the descent of any one of the Flames of the Host which are coupled with your own Father Principle. This is thine command for purification of all past lives and the misqualifications that had taken place during those lifetimes and also this present lifetime.

The Violet Consuming Flame is God's Flame of Pure Divine Love.  It is the Majesty and Authority over everyone and everything. So .. as you invite with conviction and faith .. confidence and consistency each day .. the pure motivation to expand the Kingdom through you .. and in this you are entering into the Paradise Father’s Kingdom. You are quickening your field of density into the field of receptivity .. which is the prior condition before it can become a living field of light everlasting.

Visualize this Violet Consuming Flame passing through your four lower bodies .. mind, emotions, etheric memory body, and physical body. You are intending to cleanse each of these bodies of all  imperfections .. imperfectly vibrating Substance and Energy. You are .. with this power of Invitation .. dissolving and purify .. quickening .. all unnecessary and discordantly qualified substance and energy which you have used in all lives.

Thus, you are creating the space within your soul field to allow God’s immaculately pure Presence to outpour through you without any human interference. You are redeeming all error and "sin" by embracing eternity .. the eternal vibrations of your own divinity.


Concentrate with hour full attention upon your own presiding divinity .. Command with Conviction and the faith trust in knowing your own divinity desires you to apply these seven powers each and every day towards your freedom .. Its freedom .. Consecrate your will to expand into the higher will .. Embrace with an attitude of unconditional acceptance all qualities which arise in you to become purified.

Through this conscious application you become the Self Directive Governing I AM .. the Christos of thine own godhood.

Michael of Nebadon


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