Our Everlasting Association

"I come to reveal the Paradise path of divinity attainment. As my Father has given me of his spirit, so will I give you of my spirit. And this Spirit of Truth which I have bestowed upon you shall guide and comfort you and shall eventually lead you into all truth. And you will receive this gift in your hearts, and he will abide with you. And this Spirit of Truth, speaking for the spiritual endowments of your souls, will help you to know that you are the sons and daughters of God . . .

"By the old way you seek to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of living; by the new way you are first transformed by the Spirit of Truth and thereby strengthened in your inner soul by the constant spiritual renewing of your mind, and so are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

"Forget not — it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature."

~Michael of Nebadon

At Sovrnty Society and Salvington College, the illuminated cross symbolizes our dedicated cooperation with expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy by reaching inward and upward to the Fatherhood of God and extending love and mercy outward to the Brotherhood of Humanity.

Our educational fellowship brings an intellectual emancipation and a spiritual Illumination to the individual willing to dedicate themselves to discipleship with the Creator Son Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit.

Sovrnty Society is the public disseminating arm for all of Michael's writings .. while Salvington College is the private association and fellowship for those who desire to study more directly with the Creator Son and Creative Mother Spirit and who have applied for admission.

-Sovrnty Society


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