Worldwide Fellowship Satsanga with the Creator Father Son

Satsanga, Satsangam, Satsang (Sanskrit सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company)

Join us for an intimate gathering .. into a pure and gentle field of light .. where you can make that inner connection more potently with your own selfhood, understand yourself more deeply in order to make sense of your life experiences, clarify your purpose and direction by finding a more clear space and inner connection to all that is .. An immersion into your essence in this purified field of Consciousness that Michael brings forward into the evenings.  

These gatherings will enhance your receptivity to life, giving to you a renewal and a lightening of heart and mind by bathing in this field of awareness with Michael of Nebadon; you’ll feel the Infinite washing through your body, mind, and spirit allowing you to have a more continual and uninterrupted experience of unconditional acceptance and love, less reactivity to circumstances and struggles in relationships, a profound sense of peace and calm and safety, and the feeling of overflowing prosperity and the goodness of life even in the midst of a chaotic and unstable world.

Allow this genuine Avatar to show you how to establish real security and stability in your life within the undifferentiated absolute... the truth of your own essential nature.
Students learn to stretch into life, breathe into love, chant into joy, receive into a more expanded creative flow by bringing a greater illumination to any obstructions to unconditional loving, and finally, to learn to live the conscious yoga; a subtle and fulfilling union with the fullness of their own indwelling essence and eternal nature.

Receive this time as an opportunity to strengthen your connection and relationship with the Eternal One, to touch the ‘hem of the Infinite’, and to refine and heighten your experience of the immaculate purity, goodness, truth, and beauty of your own essential nature.

We look forward to the pleasure of your company on these certain Sundays.

~Sovrnty Society Satsanga


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