Thine Immortal Soul is Actualized by Decision

In liaison with the Father's Life,  every person exercises their will by way of their decisions. You hold within your personality this creative free will power to set into motion the force of the universes. By coupling that personality and will with the Father’s Spirit,  you are participating in the unfoldment of the finite God of Supremacy.  This is the Universal Christ .. the Cosmic Buddha, Brahman, et al.

... and the culmination of all this personal growth is momentarily completed in the threefold initiation which some of you are choosing and made ready to achieve. In this initiation, man and woman can grow from a completely animal origin material creature into an immortal soul personality. By the strength, power, and persistence of your own decisions, all these elements are unified and integrated into one soul being with uniquely held gifts and abilities, as well as the capability of becoming conscious of the Supremacy of the finite God.

... and as this burgeoning, flowering newly developed being, you are a being with volitional will, choosing capacity, deciding powers to set thine destiny in order ... or disorder. Yet, each person is the potential of Supremacy immersed in the fertile soil of materiality ... and this coming together of personality will and mind and body and feeling with the indescribable spirit of God is the unfolding of individual immortalization.

Thine day to day mundane activities are the fertility powers that you must harness to serve this one cause. Through the mirror of life, you begin to master perceiving those inner circumstances that you have managed to set into vibration, as these vibrations become formed in your surrounding environment. Contemplate this that i say to you, beloveds. It will generate great power in awareness to begin to master this law of how the inner light unfolds itself into manifest form and experiences .. for this is the law of precipitation .. of how creation comes into manifest form through mind and will, decisions and determinations and individual foci.

And the reversal of this process of manifestation I call etherealization .. this is transmutation .. the returning of all lowered manifestation back into light .. the unmanifest light.

It is the raising back into the all-permeating Source all that is non-eternal, and also misaligned with the Father’s Purity and Perfection .. His intent and will.

1. Fulfill his law of harmonization
2. Live his will, nature, and identity
3. Expand his Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy
4. Enter permanently into his Kingdom and become a member of the Host of Heaven

My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter surrounds thee .. and is thine teacher and guide in every way possible as you make yourself receptive to Me.

The Universe Mother Spirit pervades all and is the energy intelligence of the Host as you draw their energies downward into you transfigurative applications.

Michael of Nebadon


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