Our Kingdom Unfolds

Invocation: "Thou Paradise Father .. Everlasting Eternal Mother Son .. Infinite and Immaculate Spirit...

"All praise and glory is thine. All credit and the power for our existence we joyously recognize now as You...

"We worship you with all our devotional attention and our adoration .. our deeply felt acknowledgement and appreciation .. our faithful acceptance and allegiance with your presiding Spirit that is our one true identity and home in You .."

Our avenue into the Kingdom is the daily absorption of the highest frequencies of light that the human can bear to digest; this requires creating the vibrational platform within thine field of density whereby you are allowing the upgrading of it to form a field of light.

... for this to occur we must surrender and sacrifice the lesser vibratory portions of our field to allow the healthy expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty to flood our personal world.

Remember though... thine attention is the directing of the creative beam of your personal consciousness.  Be attentive to what you focus it upon; for each focus coupled with feelings does imprint the images and vibrational qualities of your chosen object of worship.

This is the creative free will choice of individuals .. whether to give our focused attention and loyalty and personal allegiance to the Unmanifest God who manifests as our own truest Selfhood or to become attentive merely to the manifestation which is only temporary and lowered in vibratory influences.

Worship the Undifferentiated Absolute of Supremacy within and around you .. for this brings about the ingesting of the higher frequencies of pure light. Breathe in those frequencies with your faith and love and deep trust upon the Immaculate Father Principle.

Relationship and relaxation open you upward to recognition and realization of the Father Flame. It forms this greater field of light bringing revelation and remembrance to us. Then .. you are restructuring yourself into fuller alignment with His will .. His Identity .. His nature and personality character.

... and redemption is sure to unfold in you.

All peace to the one Supreme God that we are sharing now...



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