Illumination Cometh unto those who Aspire to the Heights of His Glory

As you embrace your density and darkness .. the lesser vibrating portion of your soul .. you are embracing eternity each day.

Gradually,  your consciousness .. personality soul .. physical body .. mind .. emotions .. and the etheric body containing all the memories, tendencies, and attitudes from all lifetimes .. these pass into light.

You are becoming master over all your vibration and energy. You are starting to look and feel like the Buddha or Christ .. who is the Self Directive Governing I AM.

Then.. as we gather together in satsanga, I can reach you with the Comforter of My being .. and the Mother can flood your world .. with Her Holy Spirit Purity.

We will raise you into the higher life everlasting only as you make the effort to fulfill the law of harmony. As you embrace eternity by transmuting the lesser into the greater, you are fulfilling the necessary prerequisites to enter into My Father’s Kingdom. You are stepping into your union with the Father Principle as He is then able to expand His Light throughout your soul field.

There is only this attainment of the ages that will give to you happiness and perpetual harmony. I honor you as you discover your empowerment and the righteousness of a life well lived in accordance with your heightened potentials.

Michael of Nebadon


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