Flames of the Universe Mother Spirit

Invitations for the descent of the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit as focused through the Immortal Masters of the Host .. the planetary administration of government...

I AM Pure Mercy Violet Transmuting Fire .. Infinite Luminous Ascended .. Sacred Fire Love

I AM Sapphire Blue Lightning Indigo Fire .. Supreme Christ Will and God Desire

I AM Crystal Diamond Shining Purity .. Majestic White Fire Love .. Resurrection Flame from Above

Each one of these invitations .. mantras .. decrees .. will cause your energy field .. soul .. personality .. and consciousness to become quickened.

As your energy quickens .. the lower vibrating energies will surface to become transmuted.

Welcome all these lower vibrating energies .. for everything is the light .. some vibrating lower and some higher .. embrace these soul energies as they surface and return to your conscious awareness.

Accept all energetic qualities back into your heart .. regardless of how pleasant or unpleasant the qualities are that return to you; for all is your soul energy.

As you become more adept at this redemption activity .. we can accelerate the further returning of more misqualifications from lifetimes of experience.



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