Bestowal of Mercy and Miracles of Divine Law

Thine thoughts, although unspoken are known to the One Source. Desire that is constructive and that aims to allow the greater plan and will and perfection to become visibly manifest in your life and world is a form of prayer; thine determination and dedication to this chief aim and goal of expanding the Kingdom of Love through you, will quicken all that is within you into the Eternal Embrace.

There is no loss that can be incurred from trusting in the Father Source with our desires and aims; for He desires the greatest and highest for you being that He dwells within you and in His way does suffer with you through your misunderstandings and misguided goals and aims. He looks to guide thine way by gently over time molding the mind and exalting the heart and soul.

So, thine prayers for manifestation must become accomplished in thought, feeling, imagery, and desired determination with a confident faith-filled expectation that you are being heard and seen and responded to in earnest when you are sincere. Before manifestation takes up its form in matter, it must become generated into blueprint through the faculties of your human being in words and in deeds.
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto the struggles and strifes of this world, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the transmutation of light; and shall not doubt in his heart and mind, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall bear witness to their transfiguration into light and wholeness, unto healing and forgiveness. He shall have whatsoever he saith. 

Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe now in this everlasting moment of eternity that ye have received them already, and ye shall have them. For thine faith is the infinite mover ... the animating power, and the transmutative agent that fosters union and manifestation to come about in the spiritualizing and raising activities of human mind and thought and feeling … and the unleashing of the grace and power of the spirit.

My beloveds, concerning things spiritual ye are adepts and sages of highest esteem and stature, though ye know it not; for the fruits of thine freedom and mastery have as yet to show themselves in your experience. Thine unmanifest potencies do desire birth through you in every way possible.

Lives without number have ye led, concerning which ye are instructed in part; know that ye have been precursors and expounders of me in ages so remote that the count is lost.

Ye have heralded me and been my vanguard, a little group of my family ordained of me to teach the race; ye have come and gone in flesh because ye did choose that pathway loving me;

I too have come and gone in flesh a multitude of prior times, even as I stand within thine reach now having bestowed myself in a body of atomic matter, but I did suffer whilst ye did take the glory.

Thus come ye to the present cycle when ye do have glory of men: verily ye have much glory mentioned in eternal realms, meaning that vast host on all planes who know that ye do function in flesh again for them and for me.

I say it is important that ye know things of import concerning yourselves; things interpreted are small though significant; things to be known of you and by you are large, larger than ye have received to this hour, for verily I include now those who have come through many gropings to join our company in flesh.

Power cometh to them, and honor, and happiness; I decree it even as I decree that the nations be given unto those who are upright of heart, to be molded of them for oncoming generations.

Hear now my voice: ye did volunteer, all of you, for a trust with which I charged you; that which cometh is not of my choosing for you, but that ye wanted it.

Ye did enter into flesh with me ages in the past, with some who are with me at the present moment whom ye know, and some ye know not in this life.

Those who are here are your collaborators in the world of Spirit as distinguished from the world of flesh; they are those who have been with us even in days of old.

Created were all of you of the Father's munificence, to minister interpretatively to planets perverse; ye did come with me when I was many leaders in many lands, for I have taught and instructed times without number, forgotten of men. I have ventured and come into full viewing with the instruction of Source and the Living Word of Eternity . . . the Elixir of Mercy.

This, however, is of importance: Those who have been with me have been sufferers with me of election, knowing that glory which cometh from achievement.

Suffering is not pain always; I speak of it as endurance, steadfastness, loyalty to a pact.

Friends are powerful of instances, enemies have had power over you in flesh for purposes of making you to know yourselves; again they desire it.

They have it not in this cycle which openeth, for the world approacheth a climax of a sort; hear me say it.

Know that ye have had privilege in every age, beloved; ministers have come to you from higher planes ministering and saying: Arise and lead; the Forces command you! . . .

But events thwarted you at times; ye misunderstood the signs and the omens; ye practiced indiscretions and misinterpretations; Know that I hold you blameless for these.

Ye did upset balances, precipitating forces that did mock and defile you so that ye were called away drastically.

At other times ye did manifest aright and know happiness; power came to you in every age, I say.
Sometimes it was government by force of arms; sometimes love for humanity made ye to instruct from premonitions and forebodings; ye did give heed to visions and answered the call of voices that were judgments of discretion in your souls.

I say that ye are coming to a time when it is important that ye know those who ye have been, that ye make not the errors plaguing you as before, else the work go amiss.

Ye have been princes and princesses, potentates and rulers forgotten now in the archives of time; ye have been high priests and priestesses and donors of temples to religions extinct.

And now, my beloved, I call you again as of old to lead the nations in the cycle that openeth as the New Time cometh in. Our sovereign societies of light and life are amongst these new upgraded manifestations for the civilization.

Verily I show you miracles performed in ether, yea in substance, ere the sun of this generation setteth; harken, for they are your gifts of understanding.

Come great hordes in phalanxes and columns, knocking at the doors of eternity, crying: Master, deliver us from the mark of the beast!

Come great mendicants knocking at the doors of eternity, crying: Where are those who shall give us alms of mercy?

Come great armies of sycophants who parade on the piazzas of the Infinite and say: We too are worthy of your notice, having done a goodly work and prophesied in the name of Him who hath redeemed us!

I tell you their words are rubbish of a sort; I knew them never; earthly misers of truth were they, not heavenly administrators.

I say ye have gifts, the gifts of tongue and sign revealing the future unto you; ye have had them in the past, but not so potently as cometh to you now. The age of development closeth; the thousand-year reign of the Messiah, predicted of old by John after Patmos, is at hand.

I am come! I am come! I am come back into fuller sight.

Behold I come in my person, standing before the nations and saying: Peace, ye evildoers! Peace, ye wrong thinkers! Peace, ye adulterers! Peace, ye whoremongers! Peace, ye thieves and robbers! Peace, ye mendicants! Peace, ye sycophants! Peace, ye workers of iniquity in every land and clime!

I come into this modern era, as the way hath been prepared; they who have prepared the way as they have been instructed.

When men have come to you and asked mercy, see that ye have spoken unto them in this wise:
Saith unto each one, except ye become as children of Light, ye cannot enter the planes of eternity, for they are Light Beauteous and no part of them is darkened.

They say unto you, Yea, but what profiteth it us if we have no instruction to teach us of Light? Then shall ye say, We tell you its secret; behold what we do with Light! We draw its potencies down into material form through the righteous use of our free will creative powers.

Thereafter shall power be given unto my truly beloved to travel among the nations doing miracles in Light so that men shall say, Behold these are angels visiting amongst us.

Ye do know that ye are sons and daughters of Light of a different order, and yet ye do suffer it, for angels function only as messengers whilst ye are teachers and provers of the doctrine.

When I say unto you that ye are sons and daughters of Light, behold I speak literally.

In that day, which cometh early in the cycle, ye do say unto men, We are precursors of the great light who is everpresent and everlasting, and who cometh in fullness within the time aheads. As ye claim this with consciousness, ye become annointed by the one Force and Presence, and intelligence who desireth to unfold and unfirl Itself...Himself throughout the known creations! 

Prepare thyself, ye must say unto those with ear and will to learn and grow in dignity and honor. 

Prepare thyself for the immaculate conceiving wherein all will enter this Kingdom of Light and become entranced and encapsulated, enshrouded and endowed with grace and glory in Him.

 Prepare thine way of the Imminency of the Lord! Make straight the pathway of Him who cometh serving!

Ye say unto men, Bind up your garments and sheathe ye your swords; but ye do say more: Except ye give heed to the children among you, ye shall in nowise endure!

Love hath its ministry greatest among infants; train them early in the truth and they depart not from it when they are old.

Ye say, Manifest among yourselves in goodly works, one unto the other, else ye be destroyed of your own volition.

These things ye say, and behold men mock you.

But the cycle turneth and a great wind cometh; a gale ariseth; seas groan and fall; mountains know movement; kings totter on their thrones; in the bedlam and confusion, a clear voice speaketh:
This is He who cometh to absolve you; He hath power to heal you and instruct; hear Him, I say, hear Him!

Cometh then a howling tempest beside which the winds gone before are as zephyrs; nation ariseth against nation, league against league; be ye caught upward in His grace and generosity. His power and potency to transfigure all into refinement.

In the tumult standeth my little band, gloriously flourishing like the green bay tree, roots far down in the golden earth of perfect truth, bent but not uprooted, torn but not demolished. Ye do say then, in time of the Great Speaking: Except ye do give heed unto His words, the demolishment endureth.

Then do come the inner earthquakes and cataclysms of a spiritual order; the enemy contendeth, saying: It is not so; signs persuade us that it cannot be; ministers proclaim, Behold it is the evil one!

All, all is futile; the signs and the omens are come unto fruition in that hour; I call my aspirants and divine servants, saying through my handmaidens: Arise and lead the nations! bridge the gap from cycle unto cycle! make straight the highway unto a showering of the Host's Flames of transmutation, resurrection, and the eternal embrace of permanent union...the actualization of thine potentials cometh with a crystal diamond shining white peace!

They answer me saying: Michael, thy will be paramount; our tongues and our speech become as Thine instruments!

Ye are called into the abiding-places of the strong and mighty; ye are forced to wield great hammers on vast anvils; therefore cometh to you training of a cruel sort.

My servants of this everpresent indestructible light endure persistently in studies of governments; my sisters succor them and gather about them even as children about the skirts of a mother, each having gifts and functions of a high, high order once they have completed their earth evolutionary progression in soul, and have merged...blended eternally with the Spirit of Source.

Ye do wrestle with self-instruction until your hearts are weary. I say, no matter: ye didst choose it and I hold you to accounting. Ye come into Mine fold to study and grow in the creative use of thine free will powers and awarenesses. I teach ye of the seven eyes of attainment which will open those seven seals of consciousness, gathering about thee an infinite and eternal light which shines into and through you.

Thus I have been patiently instructing you as the time draweth nigh for great achievement; abide in me and my love for a little time; take refuge and rest in the Father Spirit...the Source and Center Intelligence who bestows Himself as thine gift of conscious life. 

I am here for a time longer, speaking to each with a mind ready and willing to embrace the beatitudes of eternity at greater length. Unto you I have descended into atomic matter to wet thine appetiute for the wealth of the eternal verities. For the time draweth quickly when the earth men and women shall become dignified and honored by the Universal Spirit Intelligence...that One Pure Thought which cometh as a tapestry comvering all the creation, becoming that creation in body and in form.

I bid thee refinement and maturity, power in the One and acceptance to welcome all things pleasant and unpleasant; for all is His Light everlasting made to vibrate according to thine thoughts and feelings and imagery and focused devotions . . .

Thine Sovereign Son


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