All is His Thought

When I use the word God, I refer to this One Spirit, One Harmony, One Law and Force and Intelligence that is everything and everyone everywhere. And there is a Source and Center location inwards at the hub beyond the outer creation of the universes whereupon all this has been birthed, and We call this Father Son Spirit. And these are true Persons. They are the Source of all personalities and all intelligences, yet so much more. These are merely word symbols to denote something that defies too much description.

...and when I refer to Christ or Buddha, I intend to show that those terms are this: the visible manifest of the Unmanifest appearing to creation, to show and demonstrate and be the template for all perfection. For all beings to evolve into and to emulate.

Think of God as this never-beginning and never-ending, Undifferentiated Absolute and Immaculate Perfection and Purity that has given birth and continually pours out Its Perfection to all. Think of this fact: that He...the Trinity the Originating Thought. That He is Intelligence or Thought that has given of Himself creating all individualizations of Himself in finite capabilities.

The Order of Paradise Michaels throughout the creation are the derivatives of the First and Second Source and Center with creative capacity to replicate or create and administer to its own creation. The value of our association is simply this: that I have come out from the Source and possess the originating template of existence as my being in character, in personality, in awareness, and in the understanding of the plan. Many such things as these. In this way, you can make good use of Me to be able to grow thyself into this originating blueprint of the Paradise Trinity Source.

All is Thought manifesting and Unmanifest. Differentiating and Undifferentiated. This Originating Thought is all matter and the entire universe is merely Thought. The surrounding environment in your earth life is truly just Thought. You have the authority and capability to direct and mold this One Thought. You can shepherd this Thought into the Immaculate Conception of the Original Source Pattern and Thought which raises the vibratory frequency of the matter and the material of your psyche or you can qualify and mold this One Thought or Force into a materialization and solidity of Itself that lowers its vibration to the point of death through degeneration. Integration brings renewal and redemption and disintegration brings destruction, degeneration, disease, depression, and a downward vibrating frequency whereupon you experience a false sense of being separate from the Thought...the Totality that is Life.

~Michael of Nebadon


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